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A student working on a laptop
With a plethora of online programs available worldwide, the power is in your hands to choose the best degree program for your career. Learn more now.
Michael Wallace - Program Director, Professor of Practice, Emergency & Security Studies - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
The emergency and security degrees from SoPA offers diverse career paths in a growing field. Learn more about exciting career opportunities.
People playing tennis
Multisport athletes are talented players that add value to any sport. Learn the benefits of adding them to your roster and how sport studies can help here.
People using a local park
Learn about the important work performed by urban planners, their impact on local communities, and more.
Lanie Dornier - Program Director, Professor of Practice, Kinesiology - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Kinesiology graduates can pursue roles in many different spaces, not just hospitals. Learn more about career options for kinesiology students at SoPA.
A POS system being used at a cafe
POS systems are changing the way business owners review their financial and customer data. Learn more about key features and factors to consider.
A woman thinking in front of her computer
Remote learning can come with many distractions. Use these tips to help you stay on track in your online classes.
Bill Rials - Associate Director, Professor of Practice, Information Technology - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Discover the career options available to you after completing a degree or certificate in information technology or cybersecurity offered by Tulane SoPA.
A person writing code on their desktop computer
Learn about the role of cybersecurity in cloud-based technology and how you can apply your tech knowledge to a new career.
Robyn Ice - Program Director, Professor of Practice, General Legal and Applied Business Studies - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Earning a general legal studies degree or post-baccalaureate paralegal certificate prepares you to pursue an array of fulfilling careers.