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Prospective, Veteran & Online Student FAQ

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 I'm interested in becoming a student.

General FAQ

Who are Tulane SoPA students?

Tulane SoPA is ideal for students who need flexibility. Our students include young adults, working professionals, military personnel, stay-at-home parents, people with disabilities, employees seeking professional development and, of course, Tulane alumni. Any person with a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED) may register for noncredit, undergraduate, or graduate courses. However, you must have a bachelor's degree to be admitted to a graduate degree program. Some courses may require prerequisite college-level work.

Will my diploma and transcript say Tulane University or School of Professional Advancement?

You are earning a degree from Tulane University. Tulane University will be at the top of your diploma. The name of the school within the university (ie. School of Professional Advancement, School of Business, School of Public Health) will also be included on your diploma.

Is Tulane SoPA an accredited school?

Tulane University, and all schools within Tulane including SoPA, is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award baccalaureate, masters, doctorate, and professional degrees. Tulane SoPA awards accredited baccalaureate, masters, and professional degrees and certificates.

Can I take classes at my own pace?

Tulane SoPA follows the same academic calendar (start and end dates) as the main Tulane campus. However, our online classes give you the flexibility to complete coursework on a schedule that fits your life. You can access the Academic Calendar here.

What is the time commitment?

Students enrolled in Tulane SoPA courses have reported spending approximately 8- 12 hours per week on readings and assignments for a 3-credit course. Plan to spend extra time when you have papers, projects, or exams. Graduate-level courses will likely require more time per week.

How long will it take me to finish my program?

This answer varies for each student. There are many factors (e.g., transfer credits, course load per semester) that influence how long it will take. Students generally take between 6- 12 credits a semester.  A graduate certificate can be completed in 2 semesters, a graduate degree in 4 semesters, and an undergraduate degree in 2- 4 years.  Completion time is dependent on the above factors.

What does the online classroom look like?

Our online courses are developed by an in-house team of instructional designers with a goal of keeping students engaged. You'll learn through synchronous and asynchronous lessons taught by faculty who work in the professions they teach. Lessons often involve videos, interactive activities, and even podcasts. You'll also interact with classmates as you work together through course content, discussion forums, and announcements. Courses are accessed through Canvas and created in partnership with our faculty and our instructional designers and informed by industry leaders to ensure a learning experience that is tailored to the subject matter, expected learning outcomes, and industry needs.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is Tulane's online learning management system. All coursework, for both on-campus and online courses, is in Canvas.  This allows for easy access to all the assignments and materials you will need for your courses. You can learn more about Canvas here.

How do I submit course work and take exams?

Your assignments and exams are submitted through Canvas, Tulane’s online learning management system. Your instructor will create assignments, exams, and quizzes, and then you will submit your work electronically through the system.

 I'm ready to become a student.

Admissions FAQ

Do I have to submit test scores to be admitted? What about letters of recommendation?

Tulane SoPA does not require test scores or letters of recommendation. Our goal is to make the application process as simple as possible. Visit our admissions process page for more information.

When are the Tulane SoPA application deadlines?

Deadlines are January 1 for the spring semester, May 1 for the summer semester, and August 1 for the fall semester. Admissions is rolling and you can apply at any time.

How do I search for and register for Tulane SoPA courses after completing the admission process?

You will receive emails prompting you to register for class once they are available. Visit the Schedule of Classes to see all available courses. To limit your course search to SoPA courses, click on the search button at the bottom of the page that reads, Professional Advancement ONLY, after entering your search options. Courses included at the Tulane SoPA tuition rate can be identified in the search results page by an SCS icon found next to each course ID, in the center of the page.

 I'm starting with some college credit already.

Transfer FAQ

How can I apply as a transfer student?

The application process for a transfer student is streamlined and we make the process as simple as possible. Undergraduate students may transfer up to 60 credits and graduate students may transfer up to 9 credits. Additionally, many transfer students are eligible for  a 20% discount on tuition.  Learn more about how to transfer undergraduate credits to Tulane SoPA.  Learn more about how to transfer graduate level credits to Tulane SoPA.

 How much will my Tulane SoPA degree cost?

Financial FAQ

Is financial aid or scholarships available for SoPA students?

Yes! Tulane SoPA offers tuition discounts, scholarships, and financial aid to students. Visit our Financial Assistance page for more information.

What is the price of tuition for an online class?

Tuition is based upon how many credit hours you register for in a given semester. Tuition is calculated per credit hour.  For more information visit our Tuition and Fees page, which includes a tuition calculator to help determine your cost of attendance.

Why is a Tulane SoPA degree less expensive than a traditional Tulane University degree?

Tulane SoPA caters to online students and working professionals who want the degree without the extra fees. Traditional undergraduate and graduate students at Tulane contribute to campus services and amenities that are not used by online students such as the Student Recreation Center, Campus Dining Halls, and housing expenses.

How much is a Tulane SoPA online master’s degree?

Graduate credits are $1,158 per credit hour. The rate is the same whether your course is on campus or online. Most master’s degrees are 33 credits, meaning your degree would cost $38,214. However, many students qualify for a 20% discount, reducing the cost of the degree to $30,571. Some students may also be eligible for up to 6 credits awarded for work and life experience, making the total cost of the degree to about $25,000.

How much is a Tulane SoPA online bachelor’s degree?

Undergraduate credits are $596 per credit hour. The rate is the same whether your course is on campus or online. A full degree is 120 credits. Tulane SoPA accepts up to 60 transfer credits. If you transfer 60 credits, the cost of your Tulane degree is $35,760. However, many students qualify for a 20% discount, reducing the cost of the degree to $28,608.

 I am active duty military or a veteran.

Military FAQ

Where can I find out about veteran benefits?

Tulane SoPA honors the service of armed forces members. We offer an unlimited number of Yellow Ribbon Scholarships up to $10,000 per year and a 20% discount on all courses. Visit our Veterans and Active Duty Military page for more information.

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