Tulane SoPA Accelerated Master's Programs

   $10,000 in savings    Complete in One Year   Available to all SoPA Majors   Transfer Students Eligible

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Accelerated Master's Programs

Tulane SoPA Accelerated 4+1 Master's program provides undergraduates an opportunity to earn a master’s degree in one year following the completion of their bachelor’s degree. Whether you are a current Tulane SoPA undergraduate or transferring into SoPA from elsewhere, the Accelerated 4+1 Master’s program allows you to complete your master’s degree in one year with an additional 20% tuition discount, saving you over $10,000.

Eligible Graduate Degrees

Students enrolled in any SoPA major are eligible to enroll in the Accelerated 4+1 Master’s program in any of SoPA’s graduate degrees.

  • Students pursuing the Early Childhood (PreK-3) Education and Elementary (1-5) Education specializations pathways must complete a total of 36 credit hours. Students in the Secondary (6-12) Education specialization must complete 33 credit hours. Six credit hours of the MAT are reserved for residency placement and coursework.
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  • In this 30-credit program, you will follow a curriculum with synchronous and asynchronous elements, engage with a diverse cohort of peers, and learn to apply your expanding knowledge base to serve your community.
  • Online Master of Education.

  • Develop critical thinking and communication skills through a tailored program of study built around your interests.
  • 30 credit hours.
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  • Develop the strategic and analytical skills to plan for and prevent emergencies within complex organizations such as corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.
  • 11 graduate courses. 9 core, 1 elective, 1 capstone.
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  • Prepare to work in the fields of emergency management, intelligence analysis, counterterrorism analysis, cyber security, border protection and security, and infrastructure protection at all levels of government and in the private sector.
  • 11 graduate courses. 7 core, 3 electives, 1 capstone.
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  • Complete 12 graduate courses, including six core courses, five electives (which may be in an area of concentration), and one capstone course.
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  • Gain the knowledge needed to support IT security for businesses, government, and nonprofit organizations.
  • 33 graduate credit hours.
  • Students not enrolled in the BS in IT must complete prerequisites approved by program director.
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  • Learn to address critical needs effectively by integrating technology throughout organizations.
  • 30 credit hours.
  • Students not enrolled in the BS in IT must complete prerequisites approved by program director.
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  • Earn an MS in Sport Studies by completing coursework in two certificate programs, plus two required core courses, for a total of 30 credits.
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Cost & Savings

Students can complete their master’s degree in one year and save over $10,000.

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  • Student must have earned 75 credits towards a bachelor’s degree, including 15 credits in the major
  • Must have a current GPA of at least 3.0 or higher
  • Some programs may require an essay, resume, or interview.  Check with the Program Director for specific requirements.

Admissions Process for Current Students

  • Student meets with the Program Director for the specific graduate program of interest for approval to apply.
  • Student fills out the application for the graduate program of interest and has the Program Director sign the 4+1 dual enrollment form.
  • Program Director approves application for admission to a SoPA master’s degree program.

Admissions Process for Transfer and PTK Students

  • Prospective student fills out the Tulane SoPA undergraduate application and indicates that they are interested in the accelerated masters.
  • Upon acceptance, the student meets with their assigned academic advisor to discuss next steps once the student earns a total of 75 credits in the undergraduate program. Their advisor will connect the student to the Program Director for the specific graduate program of interest.

Transfer students will be accepted into the Accelerated 4+1 Program once they have earned 75 credits towards a bachelor’s degree, including 15 credits in the major.

Accelerated 4+1 Master’s Courses

Upon admission, the student may take two, pre-approved, graduate courses charged at the undergraduate rate. The program allows students enrolled in any Tulane SoPA undergraduate program to count two graduate courses (two 6000- or 7000-level courses) completed during their senior year to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees.

The student may also take two additional graduate courses during undergraduate study at the graduate rate (exceeding the required 120 credit hours of the bachelor’s) to count toward the master’s degree.

Students must complete the bachelor’s degree in order to officially start the master’s program. After the first two courses, all courses taken toward the graduate degree are billed at SoPA’s graduate tuition rate, plus a 20% tuition discount for two years after the student is admitted. After two years, students pay full SoPA graduate tuition.

The Accelerated 4+1 Master’s program is available to all Tulane students in SoPA majors.

Program director approval is required to register for graduate courses as an undergraduate student, and will also be required for graduate courses to serve as dual credit.

Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits toward their master’s degree by the end of the fifth (graduate) year.