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Save Time & Money With Tulane SoPA Accelerated Master's Programs

Tulane SoPA Accelerated Master's programs provide undergraduates with an opportunity to get a head start on graduate education and earn a master’s degree in a single year following the completion of their bachelor’s degree. Whether you are a current Tulane undergraduate or transferring into SoPA from elsewhere, the Accelerated Master’s program allows you to complete your master’s degree in one year with an additional 20% tuition discount, saving you over $13,000.

Students enrolled in a SoPA major are eligible to enroll in the Accelerated Master’s program in any of SoPA’s nine graduate degrees*. Students who are interested in pursuing an Accelerated Master’s in Cybersecurity Management or Information Technology Management must complete pre-requisites approved by the program director.

Current Students

The program allows students enrolled in any Tulane undergraduate program to count two graduate courses (two 6000- or 7000-level courses) completed during their senior year to both their undergraduate and master’s degrees. Students may also take two additional courses during undergraduate study (exceeding the required 120 credit hours of the bachelor’s), toward the master’s degree. SoPA master’s degrees are between 10 and 12 courses.

Transfer Students

Students who transfer credits toward a SoPA bachelor’s degree and meet standards for graduate admissions (including a GPA of 3.0) may be offered conditional admission to a SoPA master’s degree. Students may also choose to count six credits towards a SoPA post-baccalaureate certificate.

Requirements & Process

Students who have earned 75 credits towards a bachelor’s degree, including 15 credits in the major, may request  Program Director approval to apply for admission to a SoPA master’s degree program.

Admission to a master’s degree requires a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0, as well as program-specific requirements that may include essays, resumes and interviews. Completion of the bachelor’s degree is not required for admission to an accelerated master’s degree.

Upon admission, the student may take two, pre-approved, graduate courses charged at the undergraduate rate. The student may also take two additional graduate courses during undergraduate study (exceeding the required 120 credit hours of the bachelor’s) to count toward the master’s degree.

Students must complete the bachelor’s degree in order to officially start the master’s program.  After the first two courses, all courses taken toward the graduate degree are billed at SoPA’s graduate tuition rate, plus a 20% tuition discount for two years after the student is admitted. After two years, students pay full SoPA graduate tuition.

The Accelerated Master’s program is available to all Tulane students in SoPA majors.

Program director approval is required to register for graduate courses as an undergraduate student, and will also be required for graduate courses to serve as dual credit.

Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits toward their master’s degree by the end of the fifth (graduate) year.