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Man looking at tablet - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Ready to make the switch from handwritten to-do lists to an online organization app? Learn more about three popular digital alternatives to day planners.
Students sitting in a classroom
A teacher certification enables you to work with students in grades K-12. Here are three things to consider when you decide which grade level to teach.
A person drawing a wireframe
Graphic designer jobs can be found in virtually every industry, including in some surprising fields. Here are four unexpected graphic design career options.
Students on Tulane's campus
Choosing a major is hard, but it's not impossible. Follow these clear steps to make your decision an easier one.
A person looking at charts and graphs
Here are three tips to help public administration professionals and pre-professionals visualize demographic data to share with key stakeholders.
A group of people protesting
These community organizers are championing the cause of protecting civil rights. Their efforts are aimed at positive changes in underserved communities.
A hiker walking with a dog
The COVID-19 pandemic caused offices across the country to close. Though the shift to remote work had many positives, it also increased worker burnout.
A person sketching UX mockups
Learn what you can encounter on the job as a UX designer and how you can prime yourself for a successful career with an education from Tulane SoPA.
Athlete working with trainer for sports medicine - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
A sports medicine certificate can be the first step toward a career in athletic health and wellness. Here are four rewarding sports medicine career paths.
Person typing on laptop - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Ready to turn that side job into a full-time career? Learn the next steps to make the transition and create your own business.