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All SoPA and Tulane classes are being taught online. While SoPA offices are not open, all faculty and staff are working and available.

Please continue to check your Tulane email, Canvas, the SoPA COVID-19 FAQ, and the Tulane Emergency Management page for updates.


How to Balance Online and On-Campus Learning

A student studying online in their room

Students returning to college for professional development or better career options often must juggle school, work, and family responsibilities. Combining online learning with traditional on-campus classes is a great way to make your schedule more flexible, but it can also present unique workload and time management challenges. Here are a few tips for finding a balance between online and in-person classes.

Remember That Online Classes Are Real Classes

Some students mistakenly assume that online classes will be easier or less demanding than traditional on-campus offerings. While online classes can make your schedule more flexible and allow you to learn on your own time, the truth is that they are just as rigorous and require the same time management skills and effort as any class you would take in person. Be careful not to overload your school schedule with extra online classes because you expect them to be "easy."

Take Care Not to Fall Behind

Since the work you do for online classes is just as plentiful and rigorous as in those on campus, it's critical that you stay aware of the course schedule and budget your time as needed. It's easy to procrastinate and put off work for a class that never meets in person, but online deadlines will still be firmly set. Refer to the course's syllabus often and plan to complete assignments far ahead of their due dates.

Be Sure to Familiarize Yourself With the Technology and Available Resources

Taking and succeeding in online courses will be more difficult from day one if you don't familiarize yourself with SoPA's online learning management system and seek help as needed. All of your online courses will be available through our myTulane Canvas system, and your instructor will give you access to the course up to a week before the semester begins. Additionally, your instructor will be available by email should any questions or problems arise, and SoPA offers a wealth of resources and information to assist you.

SoPA offers both online and in-person courses for students seeking to change career paths or increase their earning potential through undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and certificates. To learn more about our course offerings and programs, request information online or call us at 504-865-5555.

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