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Student Spotlight: Julia Johnson

Student Spotlight banner with three studying students of Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA

Students at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement work to develop career-ready skills in an industry they love, and we want to highlight their journey and accomplishments. Our student spotlights feature current students, their experience at SoPA, and how their program will help them achieve their career goals.

Why did you choose the Tulane School of Professional Advancement?

I chose SoPA for many reasons, but to sum it up—my friends told me they had great experiences at Tulane. I researched my professors and their backgrounds to see if their resumes, projects, and research aligned with the work that I would love to be exposed to or be part of in my future. I'm particularly interested in design for social good, and when I read Dr. Amanda Garcia's profile I knew that not only would I be a good fit, but also I'd be in the hands of someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and relevant. One of the things that stood out to me when doing research is the intentional curriculum which was fit to address the growing design industry.


Female Tulane SoPA student in New Orleans, LA

Julia Johnson is pursuing a B.A. in Digital Design with a focus in Interactive Design. This specific concentration caters to those interested in dynamic careers in user experience and user interface design, web design, app design, social media design, and more.

How would you describe the Tulane SoPA faculty and staff?

I would describe the staff as welcoming. On my first day, I felt confident that I made the right decision for myself based on how willing the staff was to make sure everything functioned properly and that all my needs were taken care of. The staff has also been really helpful in giving me all of the resources that I need to point me in the right direction. Whether it be providing financial aid phone numbers or quick responses to my emails, I get an overall vibe that my presence here is important.

What advice would you give to adult learners who are thinking about going back to school?

I would say go for it! If you are like me and have had doubts about going back to school and sitting in a traditional classroom, it beats learning by trial and error and time is going to pass anyway. There is nothing like being around other humans and learning. I've come to realize that you learn at a faster rate when you learn in a community setting.

You mentioned designing for social good. How will a Digital Design degree with a focus in Interactive Design help you meet your professional and personal goals?

I am currently a yoga teacher and studio manager at Magnolia Yoga Studio. We are a very diverse community. One of my main tasks is creating ads and promotional materials that speak to our demographic. This work has ignited me to push myself even further to really learn about digital design. I've come to understand that not only is it fun and creative work, but it's necessary!

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