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Roll of stickers saying I Voted
Layers of security protect the country from election interference and cyberattacks. Learn about cybersecurity threats and how your ballot is kept secure.
A child during an online class
Explore how you can adjust virtual education curricula to cater to the needs of students with exceptionalities.
A medical professional administering a shot
Wellness directors play a critical role in enhancing the well-being of people in different communities. Read more to learn about their responsibilities.
A student drinking a health drink while studying
Going back to school can be stress-inducing and often leads to changes in your daily routines. Here are some practical tips to help students stay healthy.
Trees during a forest fire
Communicating effectively during a crisis or emergency is an integral part of any organization's response. Here's how you can use social media.
A Mail app on a smartphone screen
Phishing is an attempt to steal data or information with a fraudulent online message. Know these red flags to detect a potential cybersecurity threat.
People looking at notes and a computer on a desk
Online classes provide an opportunity to advance your skills outside the confines of an on-campus course. Learn about what makes an online class different.
A student in an art room looking at their phone
An education in the humanities and social sciences gives students a range of critical skills, which can be applied to diverse and rewarding career pathways.