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How to Improve Your Organizational Leadership Skills

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, in 2018, North American companies spent over $160 billion on leadership development programs. Clearly, it is an area of priority. Yet, 84% of companies still anticipate a shortage of leaders through 2022.

What Is Organizational Leadership?

Organizational leadership focuses on setting strategic objectives for an organization while motivating employees to meet their goals. It is a skill set within business management, but it's also essential in virtually all organizations and professions. Having distinct organizational leadership skills can help you advance your career. There are several organizational leadership skills that leaders need to acquire.

Leading People

Over 70% of organizations surveyed by the Center for Creative Leadership often pick leadership as the most vital skill in the workplace. As a leader, identify the strengths of each individual, empowering and delegating responsibilities accordingly. You should cultivate a communication-rich environment and provide opportunities for employees to excel.

Strategic Decision-Making

You must be able to make decisions that reflect the best interests of the organization. You should also consider the consequences and stand by your decisions. As a strategic decision-maker, you may rely on team members with specific expertise to support decisions that you have made.

Participative Management

In an organization, you should not encourage distant leaders who hand down decisions without participation. For an organization to progress, employees need to take part in decision making. Such a culture instills confidence and is critical for succession planning.

Understanding Change Management

Good organizational leadership understands change is inevitable. In fact, the pace of change keeps on increasing with improved robotics, artificial intelligence, and data mining. People need to understand how change impacts both their professional and personal life and how best to navigate through it. People transitioning from one career to another can benefit from a change management program or career change guidance.

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