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How to Use LinkedIn to Find New Career Opportunities

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LinkedIn might just seem like a place where you list your employment history, but it's also a great platform for networking with other professionals in your industry. Plus, many employers use LinkedIn to search for candidates for open positions. Here's some advice for finding new job opportunities on LinkedIn.

Create a Comprehensive Profile

A robust LinkedIn profile can increase your visibility to hiring managers and other professionals. Your profile should include a headshot, your employment history, technical skills, education, and any formative experiences. Make sure to use a headshot that suits your industry. If you work in finance, a picture of yourself in a suit makes sense. But you can use a photo of yourself in more casual clothes if you're in a creative industry. You should provide comprehensive details about your most desirable skills and professional goals. Each time you earn a new certification, complete a major project, or receive a promotion, you should add this information to your profile. To make it easier for potential employers to find your LinkedIn profile, set your visibility to "public." Also, don't forget to select an industry because many employers use that category as a filter when searching for potential employees.

Include Accomplishments and Volunteer Experiences

Use the accomplishments section to indicate any publications you've written for, major projects you've worked on, and any other significant professional achievements. Evaluate your accomplishments and categorize them based on their level of importance. Try to prioritize the details that are most relevant to the positions you're applying for.

Many employers have partnerships with nonprofits that involve volunteering events. If you have consistently participated in any volunteer programs, make sure you include these experiences because they show what you're interested in outside of work.

A LinkedIn profile that gives employers a clear idea of your skills, interests, and work history can be a useful tool in your job search. At the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, we can help you jumpstart your career. Our degree programs and professional certificates will help you develop new skills to stand out in your field. Our flexible online courses are designed for working adults like you. For a better understanding of how furthering your education can help you take the next step in your career, request more information from our professional advisors.

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