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Four Career Paths You Can Pursue With an Undergraduate Degree in Digital Design

Digital Design professionals planning a project

You might have heard that there's no money in art, or that you'd be wasting your time pursuing an education in a creative field. In digital design, those outdated notions couldn't be further from the truth. An undergraduate degree in digital design can help you pursue a range of lucrative and rewarding career opportunities, including these popular career paths.

Web Designer

Websites are critical to the success of businesses. However, most people don't learn how to create, launch, and maintain websites in business school. That's where you come in. Web design offers a desirable balance of structure and creative freedom. Though the fundamentals of design technology will be used in every project, web designers can bring each client's vision to life by using both their practical knowledge and artistic flair.

Multimedia Artist (Animator)

Do you find yourself playing video games or watching movies and notice that you're paying more attention to the graphics than the storyline? Do you ever think, "I wish I could do that?" With an undergraduate degree in digital design, you can. Multimedia artists use specialized computer programs to create graphics and illustrations for video games, television shows, and movies. As an animator, you can develop storyboards, create characters and design elements, and edit animations as part of a production team.

Film and Video Editor

Depending on their education, skills, and interests, video editors can work in many different industries. With online video advertisements becoming more prevalent than print and radio ads, companies are regularly in need of video editors as members of their marketing teams. Film editors are also in high demand in the movie industry, where they have the critical role of transforming raw footage into finished material.

Creative Director

If you're ready to take your design experience to the next level, you might be ready to step up and become a creative director. As the leader of a design team, you'll be responsible for directing your staff in the production of media for various advertising formats, from billboards to television. Creative director positions are often assumed by professionals who have years of experience as designers or artists and wish to pursue a more administrative role.

The Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design program at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement is designed for working adults like you. We work with your schedule by offering flexible courses to help you pursue new career opportunities while handling your other responsibilities. If you're interested in digital design, start your application to Tulane SoPA today.

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