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Test Taking Tips for Online Learners

Students who have only ever spent time in a traditional classroom setting sometimes face anxiety over online courses. Without the lectures, face-to-face interaction, and normal test-taking procedures, online learning seems intimidating. But with these online test-taking tips, students can feel confident as they prepare for their first online exam.

Before the Test

The best way to begin preparing for an online test is to create a study plan that includes a variety of study methods that are most helpful to the student. These might include reading over notes, making flash cards, re-reading chapters of the textbook, or creating practice tests. Some students might benefit from a study timeline that includes which study methods will be used each day, and for how long, in the days or weeks leading up to the test.

Sometimes, instructors require students to schedule the tests themselves, while other times a date, time, and location are scheduled for them. Students who schedule the tests themselves should pick a date and time when they’re most likely to be alert and relaxed, and a location free of noise and distractions.

During the Test

Students should bring contact information for their instructor and technical support to keep on hand should something unexpected happen during the exam. Many students find it helpful to bring a watch or timer for timed tests. It may be helpful to schedule the amount of time to spend on the questions themselves and the amount of time to spend reviewing their answers.

When it’s time to start, a deep breath helps release tension and promotes relaxation. Students should read instructions carefully, regularly save their responses, and return to questions giving them trouble later. If any technical issues arise, the student should reach out to the instructor or tech support immediately.

Learn More About Online Learning

Many people have anxiety about their first online learning experiences, but these online test-taking tips will help students feel confident in their ability to handle this new style of assessment. In fact, many students find they do extremely well with online learning, which is why the Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers online degrees and programs to students wishing to advance their careers. Request more information about SoPA or call us at (504) 865-5555 to learn more.

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