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What Does It Take to Secure a Large-Scale Sporting Event?

As threats to large public gatherings increase, sport event security management has to keep pace. Find out what it takes to make a sporting event secure.

If you've ever been to a professional sporting event, or even a college game, you almost certainly had to go through some sort of security checkpoint before being allowed in. While a football game or other sporting event should be a fun and joyous affair, it's also a time when heated passion for one's team, maybe fueled by a little too much tailgating, can boil over. Add to that the threat of terrorist attacks on major gatherings, and you can see why sport event security management is such an important part of game day. Here are just a few of the considerations that go into securing a large-scale sporting event.

Security Screening

The first line of defense in sport event security management is making sure that the people entering the event aren't bringing any contraband or anything that could pose a danger to others. Obviously, weapons are a huge concern, but it's also important to check for people smuggling in drugs or alcohol. Intoxication is a major contributing factor to fights inside the event. For this reason, it's essential to properly train concession staff to identify when people have had too much to drink and cut them off.

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Coordination With Authorities

Most major sporting events will be manned by private security personnel and uniformed police officers. The presence of police officers reminds attendees that the consequences of their actions reverberate well past the event itself. Security coordination with local authorities goes beyond just stationing officers around a stadium. It requires working with the fire department and emergency medical services to develop well-coordinated plans for evacuation in case of emergency.

Video Surveillance

Having officers and security personnel on hand to quickly respond to any altercations or other problems before they get out of hand is good, but a top-notch video surveillance system is the key to coordinating that response and identifying problems from a better vantage point. Modern video systems incorporate high-tech facial recognition to mark bad actors and keep them from coming back to cause more problems.

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