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What Sort of Jobs Can You Get With an Emergency Management Degree?

An emergency management degree is a versatile option for a number of exciting career paths. Learn more about the many emergency management jobs available.

In the United States and around the world, the frequency and intensity of weather-related natural disasters are increasing. As more communities, companies, and government entities are forced to deal with natural disasters and other emergencies, there is a growing need for professionals with the training and expertise to help prepare for emergencies and manage the aftermath. If a rewarding and lucrative position helping people through some of the hardest experiences in life sounds like the career path for you, an emergency management degree from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement can help make it a reality. Here are just a few examples of the emergency management jobs you can consider.

Public Health Professional

In 2002, the Federal Government launched the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Cooperative, a program run by the Centers for Disease Control. The program provides assistance, training, and coordination between municipal and county-level public health departments around the country, including funding for jobs. A career in this field involves coordinating resources and government entities like police and first responders to deal with a diverse range of threats, from terrorist attacks to disease outbreaks.

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Homeland Security

At the federal level, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is tasked with responding to the worst emergencies. In coordination with FEMA, DHS officers may be deployed to respond to the most catastrophic disasters, whether natural or manmade. DHS officers receive good starting salaries and can achieve six-figure incomes at management level. That combined with the excellent benefits given to federal employees makes these emergency management jobs attractive to many.

Emergency Management Specialist

Emergency management specialists hold the emergency preparedness and response apparatus together. These professionals work behind the scenes to train people in emergency preparedness and create networks of communication between the multiple agencies that may be deployed in response to a catastrophic event.

A degree from a nationally recognized and renowned university can help open the door to these and other emergency management jobs. Whether you're ready to take on a Master's in Emergency Studies or want to build a foundation with a bachelor's degree in Homeland Security Studies, Tulane's SoPA has the programs and resources to help you succeed. Read more about our admissions process then start your application today!

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