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Do You Need A Master's Degree to Move Up in Your Field?

Emergency Management as a Career Path

When the Great Recession began in 2007, employers started downsizing drastically, and the workforce became flooded with professionals looking for new positions and new careers. The competition was cutthroat, and a bachelor's degree no longer held the same weight that it once did. Thankfully, an improved economy came with a more promising job market, but those who had already heard the common sentiment that "a master's is the new bachelor's" began to wonder, "Do I really need a master's to get ahead?" The answer isn't straightforward, but, as a rule, it's safe to say that furthering your education is certainly helpful in climbing the professional ladder.

Why Should I Consider a Master's Degree?

One of the primary reasons to seek a master's degree is to increase your knowledge in your field. It's also a logical choice for those wishing to increase their odds of a promotion or other opportunity but who don't have extensive experience in their new role. Others pursue master's degrees to give themselves an edge in highly competitive job markets.

What Are the Benefits of a Master's Degree?

The potential benefits of a master's degree mirror the reasons to consider one. They may include:

How Do I Pursue a Master's Degree?

In many cases, master's degree programs include remote options for classes, allowing students to learn and graduate online over the course of approximately two years. Many students who choose to pursue a degree are already working professionals, so a traditional college schedule is incompatible with work, family, and personal lives. A more flexible degree program can help working adults further their studies while maintaining their current jobs.

You may have heard that education is never wasted, and advanced degrees are no exception. Today's employers place a high value on a master's degree, and at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, we make it convenient for you to pursue yours. Learn more about our master's degree programs and start furthering your career today.

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