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Three Tips to Help You Effectively Prepare for Midterms

Making a plan and sticking to it, choosing the right study location, and disconnecting can help you feel prepared for whatever midterms throw your way.

With the term nearly half over, there’s one thing on every student’s mind: midterms. Many students struggle to feel prepared simply because they don’t take the right approach to studying. These three key study tips will help every student feel prepared to ace those midterms!

Tip #1: Make a Plan

The last thing you want is to spend so much time studying chemistry that you forget to study for psychology, so a study plan is crucial to feeling prepared for exams. Start by determining your priorities. For example, if you already know the geography material, you might just need a brief review session. On the other hand, if you still have questions about a particular course, you may want to schedule in different types of study strategies, like finding a study buddy and creating note cards.

Next, pencil in all your school, work, social, familial, and other obligations on the calendar for the week (or however much study time you need) leading up to midterms. Schedule several blocks of dedicated study time around those obligations, including the specific subjects based on your priorities.

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Finally, make a list of topics to study for each subject, arranged in order of what’s most to least important for you to study. This list will guide you through each of your study sessions so you cover all the material. A study plan is an effective tool to get you through not just your midterms but the entire semester.

Tip #2: Location, Location, Location

Not every location is ideal for studying. It’s easy to get distracted with the television on in the next room or family members walking in and out of your study space. Instead, find a dedicated space that won't tempt you with distractions. Tulane’s Howard-Tilton Memorial Library offers quiet study spaces and tons of resources for SoPA students. The neighborhood coffee shop is another good study spot, or grab a spot in the shade at a local park for some fresh air.

Tip #3: Go Offline

Well, not entirely—you’ll probably need to stay plugged in to study, but it’s time to disconnect from social media. That doesn’t mean you have to deactivate your Facebook account! Instead of checking your notifications every three minutes, set aside hour-long blocks of time without your phone. You’ll be amazed at how much you can get done with one hour of uninterrupted focus. Plus, logging off can even help you avoid the dreaded mid-semester slump.

Get Ready for Next Term

Once you’ve used these tips to get through midterms, you’re halfway through another successful term at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement! Don’t forget to register for next term’s classes, or if you’re not yet enrolled, apply for undergraduate or graduate admission.

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