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Is Now the Right Time to Change Careers?

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It's natural for working professionals at any stage in their careers to have doubts about their next steps. Making a drastic career change can feel intimidating. Before making a career change, it's important to weigh all options to find the right path. Here is how to tell if now is the right time to change careers.

"Sunday Night Dread" Comes Every Week

It's normal to not want the weekend to end, but for those who are genuinely dreading returning to work, it could be a sign that a change is needed. Physical responses such as struggling to concentrate, aching limbs, or constant exhaustion should not be ignored. Whether anxiety comes as a result of disagreements with co-workers or the stress of knowing a job isn't the right fit, it's important not to disregard physical or emotional triggers.

Self Esteem Is Staying Low

A fulfilling job may come with its own set of challenges, but, overall, one should feel comfortable and confident performing day-to-day tasks. Those who aren't a great fit for their jobs may experience dejection, frustration, and immense stress on a regular basis. In addition to daily stress, this can impact long-term wellbeing. One possible solution is to pursue an advanced degree or start fresh with an undergraduate program to gain the skills and knowledge needed to successfully accomplish job responsibilities.

Boredom Is a Constant Battle

It's true that feeling underqualified for a position can be frustrating, but being overqualified can be equally draining. One should feel challenged and interested in the day-to-day tasks of their chosen career path. Whether it's due to tasks being too simple or too repetitive and menial, boredom can be a draining sign that it's time for a change.

Money Is the Only Motivation

While money is a necessity, it shouldn't be the only reason to go to work every morning. For those who are simply looking forward to their next paycheck or bonus, their chosen career may simply not be the right fit. If this sounds familiar, it's a good idea to consider seeking further education or a career that includes more than just a good paycheck.

The Business Seems Untrustworthy

There's nothing more stressful than the sense that one's employer could be working against them. A trustworthy business should have transparent operations, protocols, and promotion processes. This way, employees can trust that promotions are given based on merit, not on social connections. A sense that a certain job has dishonest employers can be distracting and stressful—and it is a sure sign that a career change is overdue.

Making a career change may not always be easy, but it's normally better than working a job that's unfulfilling. Often, going back to school can be an ideal first step toward a new and more enriching career choice. The Tulane School of Professional Advancement is committed to adult and non-traditional learners with an emphasis on career-ready education and professional growth. Learn why SoPA may be right for you, and explore our degree programs to spark your passion.

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