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Advice for Going Back to School as a Veteran

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Going back to school isn't always an easy decision, but for many veterans and active duty military personnel, earning a degree is crucial to advancing their careers or breaking into a new industry. Use this guide as a resource for returning to school as a current or former service member.

The Benefits of Going Back to School

After completing their military service, many veterans find interacting with their classmates and professors to be an effective transition into civilian life. Going back to school is also a great way to connect with other service members who can offer support or guidance. Additionally, top-ranked universities provide more chances to build a strong professional network that will help veterans and active-duty personnel find new job opportunities and increase their earning potential. Many employers recognize the benefits of hiring veterans, so making connections within an industry is a productive first step toward career progression.

Educational Resources for Veterans and Active Duty Members

There are several financial assistance programs to help former and current military personnel earn a degree. The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides funding for education and job training. To qualify for this program, applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Served a minimum of 90 cumulative days of active duty on or following September 11, 2001
  • Received a Purple Heart on or following September 11, 2001 and were honorably discharged after any amount of service
  • Served a minimum of 30 continuous days on or following September 11, 2001 and were honorably discharged with a service-related disability
  • Are a dependent child using benefits transferred by a qualifying veteran or service member

Service members can also receive specialized training through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support program (DANTES), which is free and can be used to earn college credits. Many universities also offer veteran and active duty military benefits that include tuition discounts, federal loans, grants, and scholarships.

A Quality Education for Military Students

Prepare for new, rewarding career opportunities by applying to the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. We are a Military Friendly® Silver Award recipient, and our undergraduate and graduate programs are designed to accommodate busy schedules. You can choose from online, on-campus, and hybrid courses to create an experience that works for you. Request more information about the programs at Tulane SoPA today.

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