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The Benefits of Hiring a Veteran

Hire a Veteran Day is coming up. Read our blog to learn what makes a veteran an excellent job candidate and how they can fit right in at your workplace.

July 25 is National Hire a Veteran Day, and if you’re seeking a disciplined, diligent individual to join your business team, a veteran might just be the right fit. They can bring a slew of benefits to your workplace, and with many veterans struggling to find work once they leave the military, you may also be helping a hero get back on their feet. Check out our list below of some of the reasons to take them on.

Leadership and Teamwork

Learning to take the lead and work well with others are basic qualities instilled by military service, and veterans carry these over into the workplace. Not only will they provide a proven background of interpersonal strength, but they’ll also use their skills to adapt to how your business operates, regardless of size or diversity status.

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Standards and Performance

Veterans are accustomed to being held to specific standards, so you can be sure veteran candidates will respect rules and follow procedures. Furthermore, veterans have already dealt with time constraints and strict protocols; they’ll likely adapt to pressure well without requiring too much supervision. If your team runs into a problem, having a veteran around could be who you need to power through and come out stronger.

Prior Education

Many veterans have also gone through specialized education as required in their service fields of operation. If your veteran candidate is a fit, you won’t have to worry about paying for training; you’ll already have someone experienced and well suited to tasks. Much of this education involves information technology, as well as Homeland Security and Emergency Management training, which means you can have someone up-to-date on current trends and functions, as well.

Financial Credits

Employers who hire veterans are eligible for certain benefits. One is that they won’t have to pay for veterans moving closer to work since the government will likely cover this via relocation assistance programs. Another is the Returning Heroes Tax Credit, administered to businesses for hiring veterans; if the veteran is disabled, the company may receive the Wounded Warriors Tax Credit. These tax credits can potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Tulane School of Professional Advancement is dedicated to helping veterans and active military students succeed in the professional world. We offer multiple benefits to help make higher education for service members possible, including scholarships and additional financial aid. Request more information today to see how we help former and current military members achieve their career goals.

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