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Virtual Networking Tips to Set Attendees Up for Success

A person attending a virtual networking event from home

Transitioning from face-to-face conversations to video calls hasn't been easy for everyone. Though working remotely hasn't affected the productivity of employees, many people find virtual meetings to be awkward, challenging, and unpredictable. However, video calls are the new normal for the time being, including networking events, and it will take some time to get used to this shift. You can use the following tips to prepare for virtual professional development sessions or networking events.

Practice Proper Video Call Etiquette

While virtual encounters have an air of informality, you should still maintain a professional demeanor. If your video is turned on, let the speaker know they have your full attention by angling your face and eyes toward your device's camera. Everyone can see you, so try to be fully present and contribute to the discussion.

Prepare Your Introduction

Depending on the number of participants, there may be time allocated at the beginning of the call for introductions. Writing an intro ahead of time can make talking about yourself less stressful and help you remain attentive during the other introductions.

Do Your Research

Prepare for virtual networking events the same way you would for in-person sessions. If the list of attendees is available ahead of time, read through it and start thinking about who you're interested in connecting with. Then, look up relevant background information about their job role, organization, or other affiliations. Clearly define your goals for the event and who can help you meet them. Conversely, you should also think about how you can help other attendees.

Follow Up After the Networking Event

Most moderators will let you know how to access people's contact information and if the video call's recording will be available afterward. You should send a follow-up email or LinkedIn message to anyone you want to keep in touch with. Try to reference some aspect of the conversation you had with them during the event and don't be afraid to ask for their support in achieving your goals.

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