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What to Look for in Your Future Online University

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Whether you've been mulling it over for years or became suddenly inspired overnight, deciding to go back to school is a huge decision—and it's practical to be decisive about the program you ultimately choose to enroll in. Finding a school that meets all of your academic and career priorities requires research, diligence, and preparation, and it can take time to weigh your options. Use this guide to help you prioritize considerations as you compare online degree programs.

Validate Accreditation

Take your career in the right direction by first confirming that the college you're considering is accredited. A degree from an accredited university can offer professional mobility and assure employers that the program's curriculum covered the skills and knowledge required for the roles they're filling. As you get to know different schools and programs, flag and remove any schools on your list that appear to be evasive about providing information regarding accreditation.

Professional Development Opportunities

Don't just plan for the upcoming semester; you should also take time to think beyond graduation. Set yourself up for success by learning more about how different schools support students in their transition to the workforce. Internships, externships, and active alumni networks can benefit your career outlook, so pay attention to the schools that offer additional resources to online students, like career advising or certifications.

Eligibility for Transfer Credits

During the application process, get in touch with an admissions counselor to discuss any prior credits you've earned and ask if they can be applied toward your next degree. Filtering colleges that will accept prior credits will help you avoid wasting time and money by retaking classes. Even if you're pursuing a higher-level degree, prioritize cost-effective choices to make going back to school more manageable.

Student Support

Since you won't interact with your professor in person and will likely rely on virtual office hours, choosing a school with comprehensive student resources available on their website or online learning management system can grant peace of mind that you'll enjoy a seamless learning experience. Reach out to the admissions staff about technical and academic support before a problem arises to help prevent hiccups in the future.

Tulane School of Professional Advancement helps students succeed online by offering flexible undergraduate and graduate programs designed for working adults. We offer credit for life and work experience for eligible students to help them advance their careers. Request more information today to learn about our programs and how they can prepare you for a rewarding new career.

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