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Do I Need a Tech Certification?

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Information Technology is a growing and ever-evolving field that is projected to add over half a million new jobs to American workers between 2019 and 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While some tech professionals may feel secure in their current role, relying on career advancement solely based on one's tenure won't guarantee job security, especially with the hundreds of tech specializations available to hungry job seekers. Investing in professional development through IT certifications will grow your knowledge in certain areas of the field and position you as an ideal candidate for specialized roles.

What to Look for In an Online IT Certification

For many working adults, putting their careers on hold to go back to school isn't practical. Independent organizations and notable IT vendors offer hundreds of certifications online that can range anywhere from $100 to well over $1,000 and include assessments for both entry-level and advanced IT professionals. To find the right certificate for your career goals, evaluate your criteria by asking the following questions:

  • What am I interested in? While this may seem obvious, you should prioritize investing your time and money to grow your knowledge in the specialization you're most passionate about. Don't know where to start? Consider certificates that cover IT fundamentals to help you better understand industry terminology and available career paths.
  • What are the current market trends? Tech is a fast-paced industry that waits for no one, and being left behind could mean losing out on high-demand positions that could offer better job security. Cloud technology and cybersecurity are two hot topics in the industry that IT leaders across the globe are currently invested in.
  • Can I afford more training? Professional development can be pricey, especially the certifications and courses offered by tech giants like Cisco, Adobe, and Amazon. If you weigh these options against those offered by accredited universities, you may be able to find more affordable tech certificates by working directly with a school's academic advisor.

Open Doors to Lucrative IT Careers

With additional training and developing career-focused skills, you can prepare for advanced leadership roles and high-paying government positions that require more than a bachelor's degree. Technical recruiters often look for more than professional experience; showcasing your certifications on your resume or LinkedIn profile can better position you as a candidate worth interviewing, and ultimately, hiring.

Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers Information Technology graduate certificates in Cyber Defense, Cyber Leadership, IT Strategic Planning, and Technology Architecture completely online to help working adults increase their earning potential with flexible courses that can be applied to a master's degree. Request more information today to learn more about our award-winning programs.

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