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Picking Your Nonprofit Board of Directors? Don't Forget to PAC!

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Your nonprofit's board of directors will shoulder the larger, far-reaching responsibilities that govern the organization's operations and directly impact its future, so appointing new board members should be a strategic, intentional decision. Learn which considerations to prioritize when reviewing candidates for an executive board position at a nonprofit.

Passion: Pick Passionate People

When selecting your nonprofit’s board of directors, sincere passion is a trait you should expect from each member. After all, the bottom line for a nonprofit is not the bottom line. Obviously, having experienced, business-minded leadership is critical for steering operations in the right direction, but they need to be personally invested in the organization’s success. Seeking candidates who are passionate and qualified will help each facet of your nonprofit align with the organization's values and goals.

Action: Seek Action-Oriented Individuals

A nonprofit’s management team should consist of people who reliably and effectively take action to address problems. With dependable stakeholders who are responsive and proactive, your nonprofit will be able to more effectively lead and enact positive change in your community.

Consultation: Consult Nonprofit Experts

Finally, when establishing your nonprofit, consider adding consultants to your board of directors. Nonprofit organizations are subject to laws, regulations, and tax liabilities that differ from those that govern traditional businesses and sole proprietorships. By enlisting experts who can help your organization navigate these aspects of nonprofit operations, you’ll set yourself up for long-term sustainability.

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