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How Do Software Architects and Developers Work Together?

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Software architecture and development roles often require implementing many of the same core technical skills to complete projects. The developer and architect share the responsibility of carrying a project through the software development life cycle and yielding the best result. Whether you're looking to break into the field, browsing job postings, or want to learn what the next level in your current career could look like, get to know how software architects and developers team up to accomplish business goals.

The Roles of an Architect and a Developer

Software architects and developers both have a significant stake in rolling out new or updated software. A software architect draws upon broad and deep technical knowledge to map out the overall design and direction of the project while overseeing technical standards. On the other hand, software developers serve as the fulfillment team that builds out the code according to the architect's vision.

In general, architects plan what developers produce. Information technology project managers blend the roles of these two professions together to manage a project from the early planning stages all the way through implementation. Because this role carries more responsibility, project managers often pursue a master’s degree in information technology management to strengthen their skills as a leader and provide adequate oversight and support for their teams. With a master’s in IT management professionals are well-prepared to integrate technology and effective leadership to address their organization's needs.

Establish Consistent and Open Communication

Just like any successful partnership, collaborative communication between software developers and architects is imperative for being effective at work. While architects manage the blueprint of the project, it's crucial that developers understand the reason behind decisions and have the opportunity to provide feedback to architects to help improve their plan.

Your Future in Information Technology

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