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Man using VR set - Tulane School of Professional Advancement
Augmented reality and virtual reality are distinct, interactive technologies with a few similarities. Read more about each one's unique features below.
A person designing on a tablet
A digital design portfolio showcases your previous work and design capabilities. Explore tips to help you build an attractive digital design portfolio.
A person working as a digital designer
Are you interested in a career in digital design? This expansive industry has many roles and different types of creative opportunities.
A designer using a drawing tablet with their laptop
Motion designers use visual effects and animations to bring life to their creative work. Learn more about what a career in motion design involves.
A laptop displaying graphic design elements
The graphic design portfolio is the first impression potential clients and employers receive. Be sure to include these four sections to inform and impress.
Group photo of Tulane School of Professional Advancement students who received awards from the Advertising Club of New Orleans
Two dozen SoPA students were recognized at the 2020 Advertising Club of New Orleans ADDY Awards, along with Dr. Amanda Garcia, professor of practice.
A colorfully-lit hallway
Four design principles can help you stay fresh and focused when thinking of ideas for creative projects. Learn more about these four design principles.
Image of Megan Calvin, digital design student at Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA
Learn how one student took advantage of Tulane SoPA's hands-on coursework and real-world experience opportunities to prepare for a career at IBM Garage.
A girl using a digital drawing tablet
Video games have grown up and are now one of the hottest industries, attracting top creative talent. Learn more about a career as a video game designer.