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5 Killer Digital Design Jobs for 2022 and Beyond

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There are many career options in digital design that can provide an exciting and fulfilling career. Digital designers get to enjoy the experience of creating something from scratch then seeing it live in the world. Learn how a Digital Design Degree from Tulane SoPA can help you reach your design career goals.

What Can I Expect From a Digital Design Job?

One of the biggest perks of a career in digital design is that depending on where you work and your position, you could be working on and designing a wide variety of tasks, including but not exclusive to:

  • Websites
  • Products
  • Advertisements
  • Logos
  • Games

To succeed in your career as a digital designer, you will need to possess a strong understanding of image construction, color theory, and fonts. Most digital designers work in various design programs to create graphics, logos, packaging, and other products for their clients. You must be creative, innovative, communicate well, and proficient in various design software platforms.

Motion Designer

For those looking for a creative career with its roots in storytelling and design, a position as a multimedia designer is an excellent choice. Motion designers spend their days making intricate animated videos and images using design and animation programs. Motion designers work with other creatives to create stories by sketching, creating scale models, and building computerized graphics. Many motion designers work in set design, television, film production, and video game development. To be a motion designer, you must be creative, have a passion for storytelling, and have at least a Bachelor's Degree in Digital Design.

Product Development

A career in product development is perfect for someone who doesn't want to do the same thing every day. Product developers have the pleasure of managing the development and creation of products in many different fields. Product developers' main job includes:

  • Creating illustrations
  • Conducting industry research
  • Presenting the product to stakeholders
  • Contributing in many other ways to the development process

Product developers often have a background in many fields because the job is unique. Those who didn't go to college for digital design, but want to sharpen their illustration and design skills to assist them in their career as a product manager, should look into Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Digital Design.

Web Designer

For those looking to work at the intersection of I.T. and design, a career as a web designer can be exciting and fulfilling. Web designers help create websites by designing individual web page elements as well as full web page layouts. Web designers are responsible for the design of many elements of a website's structure, creating everything from drop-down options to navigation windows. Some web designers choose to get a B.A. in another field such as I.T. and a Minor in Digital Design to ensure they have all the skills needed to craft a functional and beautiful website.

User Interface & Experience Designer

User interface (UI) designers create web pages, advertisements, and electronic programs that are easy for consumers to interact with. To be a user interface designer, you must have a basic understanding of coding and have the ability to develop the design vision while working with software programmers. It's the duty of user experience (UX) designers to make websites, products, and services easy to use and accessible to consumers. UX designers must always consider the intended end use of the product they're creating. UX and UI designers commonly work together to create easy-to-use and visually pleasing products for users. Both positions need a firm understanding of design principles and some basic coding knowledge, making at least a B.A. in Digital Design a requirement for roles at most companies. You can gain a basic understanding of coding by earning a Minor in Information Technology from Tulane SoPA.

Art Director

These high-level executives are the ones responsible for helping to guide the design team. Art directors can work in various industries, including advertising, fashion, and television. Art directors are responsible for approving designs created by the arts and graphics team. They also work closely with other departments, including marketing and finance, to maintain a consistent brand image. While it may take a few years to work your way up to being an art director, a good starting point for this career is B.A. in Digital Design.

Digital Design Qualifications

If you are interested in being a digital designer, consider earning your Bachelor's Degree, Minor, or Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Digital Design from Tulane SoPA. To get a design job in almost any industry, you will likely need some form of formal education and training. Tulane SoPA's program allows you to specialize in either Graphic Design, Game Art & Animation, or Interactive Design. Besides gaining a formal education, design students should seek internship opportunities to help build their portfolios and gain real-world experience. Design students should also take every opportunity to network and learn more about the industry.


Are digital designers in high demand?

The need for digital designers is growing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for graphic designers are projected to grow 3% from 2020 to 2030.

What types of companies are posting digital design jobs?

The companies hiring graphic designers include digital and software development agencies, advertising firms, television studios, video production companies, and corporate branding and consultation firms.

What's the best place to search for digital design jobs?

Networking events, design boot camps, and other events at Tulane SoPA Digital Design are great for networking with your peers and learning more about industry opportunities. There are also many websites and job boards online built especially for designers, such as Dribble's Freelance Project Board, The Design Kids, and AIGA Design Jobs.

Thinking About a Career in Digital Design?

Find your design niche and earn the qualifications you'll need for a fruitful career in design at Tulane SoPA. Contact us today to learn more about digital design jobs at Tulane SoPA.

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