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3 Critical Skills Needed for Intelligence Careers

Intelligence professionals lead exciting and challenging careers involving identifying, analyzing, and mitigating security threats from a wide variety of information sources. While career tracks in the U.S. intelligence space vary, there are many critical fundamental skills for success in this field. Learn how a graduate certificate in intelligence from Tulane SoPA can benefit your homeland security career.

Information Technology

As an intelligence analyst, one must rely heavily on knowledge of computer systems to parse through data. Though a degree in information technology isn't a hard requirement, many intelligence professionals earn professional technology certificates to prepare for the core responsibilities of their roles: communicating with remote team members, collecting data, and technical reporting. Along with being tech-savvy, intelligence professionals should also possess strong problem-solving, writing, and communication skills for career success. Day-to-day work in this career may also involve using threat intelligence platforms to monitor new and continually evolving threats.

Threat Analysis

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The data collection responsibilities of an intelligence analyst require reviewing a large amount of information at once while also determining potential outcomes. Data points include geographic information, personal profiles, and a wealth of statistics that help analysts project risk levels to key decision-makers.

Speaking two or more languages is an especially valuable skill for intelligence professionals—analysis work may require reviewing other cultures or working with other intelligence agencies around the world. Highly sought-after languages include Arabic, Chinese, and Russian. Additionally, knowledge of languages spoken in high-threat areas will also expand career potential.

Launch Your Intelligence Career with Tulane SoPA

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Intelligence from Tulane School of Professional Advancement's Emergency & Security Studies program. The curriculum was specifically designed to let students delve into the relationship between intelligence and national security while also gaining valuable knowledge about intelligence in policy making and implementation. Start your application online today to expand your options for career advancement in the field of upholding U.S. national security measures.

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