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The Four Requirements for Teaching in Louisiana

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A rewarding and noble profession, teaching gives passionate individuals the opportunity to change young lives and transform the future of society. Students interested in pursuing a career as a teacher in Louisiana can apply for a position in the classroom after meeting a few specific requirements.

Bachelor's Degree or Higher

The first step to seeking a career in education is, of course, education! Students must be well-versed not only on the topics they wish to teach, but also on the modern educational methods, techniques, and curricula teachers rely on to provide effective instruction to their students. Teachers in Louisiana must hold, at minimum, a bachelor's degree, although those with graduate degrees are eligible for higher levels of certification and increased pay.

Student Teaching

Those who earn a degree in education will have a student teaching component integrated into their coursework. However, career changers or students who majored in a subject outside the field must also meet student teaching requirements prior to obtaining licensure as a Louisiana educator. Student teachers will work with a certified teacher to learn the practical skills needed for a classroom setting. Students who aren't enrolled in an education-focused degree program can seek student teaching opportunities as part of an accredited preparation program.

State Testing

Once a student's degree and student teaching are complete, the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) requires that they take a Praxis II examination, which focuses on the specific areas of licensure for which the individual seeks certification.

Relevant Certification

When the prospective teacher completes all the education requirements and successfully passes their Praxis exams, they may apply for certification. In Louisiana, teacher certification involves three different levels. New teachers will apply for a Level 1 Professional Certificate, which is valid for three years. It can be renewed one time, at which point the teacher must begin working toward Level 2 or Level 3 certification.

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