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How a BA in Humanities Can Prepare You to Work in the Tech Industry

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In the last 25 years, it seems like every other headline describes the rise of the U.S. tech industry. Stories of Silicon Valley geniuses crafting world-changing products in their garages have now been laid deep into the psyches of Americans, leading to thousands of young minds leaping into STEM courses, hoping to create the next world-changing product. But some would be surprised to know that many tech CEOs opted to study humanities in college instead of STEM. Even Steve Jobs didn't come from a tech background, instead choosing to study Shakespeare, dance, and calligraphy in an English course he joined at Reed College before dropping out after one semester.

The truth is, there are countless opportunities for humanities grads in tech companies such as:

  • Marketing
  • Product design
  • Sales
  • Public relations
  • Human resources, and
  • Customer service

A BA in Humanities from Tulane SoPA can help you learn the skills needed to land a role at your dream start-up or tech company.

Why Tech Companies Need Humanities Grads

From Facebook to Apple, the goal of tech companies is to build products that are user-friendly and enjoyable to interact with. While developers and computer scientists could be compared to modern renaissance artists creating the back end of these products, they need someone to help ensure the user-facing front end is human-friendly.

Those who study humanities in college have in-depth critical thinking skills that give them a deep contextual understanding of human nature. This understanding of cultural context helps balance the technological knowledge of developers and data scientists.

Roles for Humanities Grads in Tech


Copywriters help tech companies by writing engaging marketing content for their products, websites, and other marketing materials. With a mix of in-depth knowledge about writing and marketing, these creative employees humanize the voice of tech companies — making their products accessible to a wider group of people. Work responsibilities may also include producing online help content, easy-to-use interface texts, and specific product guides with consumer tips.

Marketing consultant

The need for creative marketing consultants that can take data and turn it into an in-depth targeted marketing campaign is on the rise. A humanities degree can help prepare marketing professionals to build human-centric campaigns that draw users in to try new products. This is especially vital in tech, where new products may often seem foreign to many key demographics. These consultants work side-by-side with product developers, helping them craft the ideal selling point for their products.

Social media strategist

Tech companies need social media strategists to help give their brands a voice, as well as interact with their audience. Now more than ever, having a social media strategist who understands the world's cultural climate and how a brand's product fits into that context is essential. Humanities majors can use their writing skills to craft social media posts that speak to broad audiences in a humanized way. Social media strategists also take data, like engagements, comments, and impressions, and help the marketing team create more comprehensive brand campaigns.

Sales manager

Successful sales management drives business growth using critical thinking strategies to generate maximum selling potential. Sales managers at tech companies oversee a sales team, provide continuous staff training, and develop business plans. Managers set target sales, review performance data, and track sales patterns to boost business profitability.

Human resources (HR) specialist

HR managers promote staff recruitment, conduct job interviews, work through the orientation process, and provide mentorship. Many tech companies have hundreds and hundreds of employees that need support in a multitude of ways. Human resources professionals help ensure that all employees' needs are met and that they feel comfortable in their work environment. The communication skills learned when studying humanities may help HR professionals juggle different personality types and ensure the office runs smoothly.

Explore Your Options at Tulane SoPA

As the second biggest industry in the U.S., according to Zippia, the opportunities in tech are ample. Tulane SoPA's Bachelor of Arts in Humanities equips students with the critical oral communication, analysis, and writing skills necessary to work in a wide range of environments. To learn more about our degrees and programs, request more information today.

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