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Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

The Bachelor of Arts in Humanities at SoPA offers students the opportunity to study in a broad range of fields within the humanities, such as architecture, visual and performing arts, classics, speech and communication, English literature, foreign languages, Jewish studies, linguistics, music, and philosophy. A strong grounding in the liberal arts and humanities helps individuals to develop the breadth of knowledge and perspectives typically needed for success in the 21st-century workplace.

Degree Requirements

Core Competencies Credits
English 1010 Writing 4
Select one course:
  • Math
  • PHIL 1060 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 1210 Elementary Symbolic Logic
  • BSMT 3250 Business Statistics
  • CPST 1070 Math for Information Technology

Foreign Language or non-Western Culture

Supporting Requirement Credits
Oral Communications – Select one course:
  • SPEC 1400 Persuasive Public Speaking
  • SPEC 3110 Small Group Communications
  • THEA 2100 Fundamentals of Acting
  • BSMT 2250 Business Communications
Distribution Requirements Credits
Humanities 12
Sciences 12
Social Sciences 12
Writing Requirement Credits
Designated writing course 3-4


Major Requirements

Major Core Courses Credits
Four Humanities courses (any level) 12
Six Humanities courses (3000+ level) 18
Minor (optional) Credits
Varies according to minor chosen  
General Electives Credits
As needed to total 120 credits  
Total 120