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Digital Media Marketing & Public Relations

At the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, our Digital Media Marketing and Public Relations program provides students with a multifaceted understanding of how organizations position themselves using a variety of platforms. Creating messaging that resonates with consumers, industry partners, constituents, and the media is the foundation of establishing a brand identity. SoPA's Digital Media Marketing and Public Relations degree programs are designed to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate with diverse audiences using traditional and digital networks.

Bachelor's Degree Programs

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations & Digital Media Marketing will help students gain the tools they need to work in a multitude of industries. Professionals in public relations (PR) must be able to adapt to dynamic situations and use diverse media channels to present the public a clear image of their employer, whether they work for a business, philanthropic organization, or a political figure. Professionals concentrating in digital media marketing reach targeted audiences through a variety of digital strategies and tactics. The hands-on courses in this degree program help prepare graduates for a fast-paced work environment that requires creativity and an understanding of people.

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Professional Certificates

Students can earn a professional certificate in three distinct disciplines. Each certificate has prerequisites and is designed for students with some level of familiarity, whether professional or academic, with the subject. Students can expect to hone their skills in managing digital advertising campaigns, analyzing consumer behavior, or mitigating public crises.



We offer three minors within our Digital Marketing and Public Relations program. Each of these minors delves into a different aspect of how organizations communicate with prospective clients, their competitors, and the general public.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate mastery in the fundamentals of the public relations and digital media marketing process including research, planning, implementation and evaluation – the steps necessary for creating strategic public relations and digital media marketing campaigns complete with goals, measurable objectives, strategies and tactics that resonate with stakeholders.
  2. Students will demonstrate mastery of public relations/journalistic writing including researching and creating materials adhering to the standards set forth by the industry and the Associated Press Stylebook.
  3. Students will demonstrate proficiency in conducting primary and secondary research which begins (planning and programming) and ends (measurement/evaluation) the public relations and marketing process.
  4. Students will demonstrate proficiency in understanding the legal, ethical and cross-cultural implications that public relations and digital media marketing campaigns should incorporate and address respectively.
  5. Students will demonstrate proficiency in measuring and analyzing the impact of integrated digital marketing campaigns that include stakeholder-specific strategies and tactics (social, paid media, email marketing, etc.) through various platforms including Customer Relationship Management software and Search Engine Optimization tools.

Careers in Marketing and Public Relations

Our program can help people who already work in digital marketing or public relations increase their earning potential, or they can provide those who are new to these industries with the skills and professional networks they need to pursue a new career. Graduates may consider working in one of the following positions:

  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Copywriter
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Fundraising and Development Coordinator
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Advertising Executive
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Ad Manager
  • Web Content Manager
  • Political Campaign Manager
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Flexible Programs Created for Working Adults

At SoPA, we understand that it can be difficult to further your education while working full-time and managing other responsibilities. We offer courses online and on-campus to cater to your schedule. Our program includes opportunities for professional networking to provide you with contacts and experience that go beyond the classroom.


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Faculty With Experience in the Field

During your time in our Digital Media Marketing and Public Relations program, you will learn from professors and faculty members who have years of industry experience in advertising, strategic communications, brand reputation management, and more. Your instructors will also provide you with practical learning opportunities that mimic the challenges you will face in professional environments.