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Undergraduate Academic Standards

Academic Progress

Undergraduate classification is based on cumulative earned credits:

Freshman 0-24 earned credits
Sophomore 25-56 earned credits
Junior 57-91 earned credits
Senior over 91 earned credits

Students in SoPA are required to maintain a minimum grade-point average throughout their enrollment (see table below). Students who fail to meet this minimum standard are placed on academic probation. The cumulative grade-point average of a student is calculated by dividing the number of quality points a student has earned by the total number of quality hours (including credits with failures). Only the grades of S, U, NR, W, and grades in courses affected by SoPA's Repeated Course policy are excluded from this calculation.

Minimum Credits and Grade Point Average Quality-of-Work Rules

Minimum Cumulative Attempted Hours Minimum Cumulative GPA










Undergraduate Honors

Undergraduate Dean’s List

To be eligible for the Dean’s List, students classified as freshmen and sophomores (have earned 0-56 completed credits), must earn a minimum GPA of 3.50 in at least six completed credits. Students classified as juniors and seniors (have 57-120 completed credits), must earn a minimum GPA of 3.67 in at least six completed credits. In all cases, satisfactory/unsatisfactory credits are excluded from determining the Dean’s List.

Latin Honors

Superior baccalaureate students are recognized at graduation by the award of Latin Honors. To qualify, a student must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.60, must have earned at least 36 credits at Tulane University, excluding those earned in courses on a satisfactory/unsatisfactory basis, and must be receiving a bachelor's degree. Latin Honors are awarded as follows, based on cumulative grade point average:

The GPA requirements to receive Latin honors are:

  • Summa cum laude = 3.900
  • Magna cum laude = 3.800
  • Cum laude = 3.600

Alpha Sigma Lambda

The Theta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Lambda is a national scholastic honor society for adult undergraduate students; invitations to become a member are extended each year in the spring semester to qualified SoPA students. To be eligible, students must be juniors or seniors enrolled on a part-time basis in an undergraduate degree program, have earned at least 36 credits at Tulane, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.20. Students who already have a bachelor's degree are not eligible. Additional information on requirements and invitations to membership can be obtained from the chapter advisor.