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Bachelor of Arts in General Legal Studies with a certificate in Paralegal Studies

At Tulane School of Professional Advancement, we offer a general legal studies bachelor's degree program for students who are seeking real-world legal experience and advance their careers. Approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) Standing Committee on Paralegals, our rigorous curriculum prepares students to work in well-respected law offices around the country.

All of our courses are led and taught by practicing attorneys and paralegals, which gives our students immediate and direct access to the professional networks so crucial to employment. Additionally, each student gains hands-on, practical experience in the office and even in court by performing an internship in a law office during the last semester of study.

Who Should Pursue the Bachelor of Arts in General Legal Studies with a certificate in Paralegal Studies

The general legal studies program is the perfect choice for those who are considering law school or are interested in entering the legal field in an administrative or support capacity. For students whose ultimate goal is law school, our curriculum provides an invaluable background in court systems, legal concepts, and practices. Given the importance of writing and research in all aspects of the legal profession, our curriculum focuses upon developing our students’ skills in these areas.

This program is suitable not only for adults who are currently working in a professional capacity, but also for those looking for a traditional college setting. Our flexible courses, including online options, allow students to create a customized schedule to suit their needs.

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Jobs for Graduates of General Legal Studies with a certificate in Paralegal Studies

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in General Legal Studies doesn’t just qualify students to work in law firms. Graduates can also fill positions with government agencies, law enforcement offices, corporate law departments, and other offices that provide legal services. Experienced paralegals may find roles as office managers, recruitment and marketing specialists, and in other positions.

Graduates can find successful careers in the following positions:

  • Paralegals
  • Office Managers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Court Clerks
  • Investigators
  • Contract Administrators

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Paralegals are not lawyers and may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law. Under the supervision of lawyers, these highly trained professionals perform a variety of important functions in many legal arenas.


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Degree Requirements

Core Competencies

  Select one course: 4
English 1010 Writing  
CSEN 1250 Writing  
  Select one course: 3
PHIL 1060 Critical Thinking  
PHIL 1210 Elementary Symbolic Logic  
BSMT 3250 Business Statistics (recommended)  
CPST 1070 Math for Information Technology  
  Foreign Language or non-Western Culture 6-8

Supporting Requirement

  Oral Communications—Select one course: 3
SPEC 1400 Intro to Public Speaking  
SPEC 3110 Small Group Communications  
THEA 2100 Fundamentals of Acting  
BSMT 2250 Business Communications  

Distribution Requirements (at least two disciplines per category)

  Humanities 12
  Sciences 12
  Social Sciences 12

Writing Requirement

  Designated writing course 3-4


Major Requirements

Major Core Courses

PARA 2010 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3
PARA 3020 Legal Research 3
PARA 3030 Legal Writing* 3
PARA 3050 Litigation I 3
PARA 3060 Litigation II* 3
PARA 3070 Computers in the Law Firm** 3
  Five Paralegal Courses 4000+ level (taken only after the completion of the Paralegal courses above) 15
PARA 5900 Paralegal Practicum (final semester, includes 100-hour internship requirement) 3

Minor (optional)

  Varies according to minor chosen  

General Electives

  As needed to total 120 credits  
  Total 120


* Preceding course is a prerequisite

** Prerequisite: CPST 1000 Intro to Microcomputers or director approval