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Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

A Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Tulane School of Professional Advancement is ideal for anyone interested in promoting a healthy lifestyle and working in clinical healthcare settings. This program provides students with foundational knowledge in the biomechanical, physiological, and psychological aspects of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life.

Our program is a great foundational step for a future career as a physical therapist, occupational therapist, athletic trainer, exercise physiologist, personal trainer, fitness instructor, or chiropractic assistant. It is also a good fit for those who are already working in the healthcare field.

Pursue Your Career On Your Time

There’s no need to put your career and life on hold to pursue your bachelor’s degree. Our online and on-campus course options give you the flexibility needed to pursue your education without putting your life on hold. Receive a degree from a world-renowned university and join a network of distinguished alumni. Want to hear from recent graduates of Tulane SoPA’s Kinesiology program? Visit our YouTube playlist today.

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Prepare for Your Role in a Dynamic Field

Upon completion of the bachelor's degree in exercise science, individuals may work in clinical and hospital settings, assisted living facilities, and in health-related roles in nonprofits and corporations.

Your degree from Tulane SoPA will prepare you for a variety of roles in the health industry. Graduates are also equipped for careers as a:

  • Physiologist
  • Biomechanist
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Medical health services manager
  • Medical lab technician
  • Physical therapy assistant
  • Personal trainer/fitness instructor

Program graduates will be prepared to study for advanced degrees in allied health fields, such as physical and occupational therapies.

Course Instruction from Industry Experts

Our instructors bring extensive experience from multiple healthcare roles. Learn from a faculty of registered nurses, dieticians, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and more. Get real-world perspective in your courses and participate in collaborative learning opportunities with peers who share an interest and passion for careers in fitness, physiology, sports medicine, and health advocacy.

Meet the Faculty

Admission Requirements

To apply for the BS in Exercise Science program, students must have earned a high school diploma or General Equivalency Diploma prior to the semester in which they would like to enroll. Students are not required to take standardized tests. Transfer students must be in good standing with the most recent prior college attended or have completed any dismissal terms set forth by the previous academic institution.

Degree Requirements

The School of Professional Advancement awards the Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree following the successful completion of 120 credits, including 40 credits in the major. Upon successful completion of required prerequisite courses, students will complete an internship or independent research project.

BS Academic Progress Requirements

Undergraduate students are required to maintain the following minimum grade-point average throughout their enrollment dependant on the total number of credit hours completed:

  • 1-30 cumulative attempted credit hours completed: 1.75 minimum cumulative GPA
  • 31-61 cumulative attempted credit hours completed: 1.85 minimum cumulative GPA
  • 62-93 cumulative attempted credit hours completed: 1.95 minimum cumulative GPA
  • 94-124 cumulative attempted credit hours completed: 2.00 minimum cumulative GPA

Students will be placed on academic probation upon failure to meet these requirements. The cumulative grade-point average of a student is calculated by dividing the number of quality points a student has earned by the total number of quality hours (including credits with failures). Only the grades of S, U, NR, W, and grades in courses affected by SoPA's Repeated Course policy are excluded from this calculation.

Eligibility for Transfer Credits

If you're interested in transferring to Tulane SoPA, our advisors can work with you to determine which courses will be accepted and help you navigate the process. We accept credits for transfer from all fully accredited institutions. In order to transfer course credit from another school, Tulane SoPA must offer a comparable course, and the student must have achieved a C- or higher. Courses transferred from other institutions are never figured into the grade point average. Your advisor can also help you in the case that your previous school operated on a quarter system instead of semesters. Tulane SoPA accepts a maximum of 60 hours of transfer credits for bachelor’s degrees.

Visit our Student Transfers page to learn more about this process.

Listing of Required Courses

*Click here for prerequisites to Physical Therapy Programs.



Core Competencies

ENGL 1010 Writing 4
  English (ENGL 3630 or 3670 recommended) 3
MATH 1110 Probability & Statistics 3
  Math 3
  Foreign Language or non-Western Culture 6-8

Supporting Requirement

  Oral Communications—Select one course: 3
SPEC 1400 Intro to Public Speaking (recommended)  
SPEC 3110 Small Group Communications  
BSMT 2250 Business Communications  

Distribution Requirements (at least two disciplines per category)

  Humanities 12
  Sciences 9
CELL 1010 General Biology 3
  Social Sciences 12

Writing Requirement

  Designated writing course (can be a double dip with another curriculum course requirement) 3-4


Major Requirements

Major Core Courses

KINE 1500 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
KINE 3110 Exercise & Sport Psychology 3
KINE 3120 Biomechanics of Movement (with lab) 4
KINE 3130 Lifespan Motor Development 3
KINE 4030 Exercise Physiology (with lab) 4
KINE 4070 Motor Learning 3
KINE 4110 Sports Medicine 3
KINE 4120 Strength & Conditioning 3
KINE 4150 Exercise Prescription 3
SCEN 2030 Anatomy I 3
SCEN 2035 Anatomy I Lab 1
SCEN 2040 Physiology 3
SCEN 2045 Physiology Lab 1
  Select one course: 3
KINE 5001 Internship  
KINE 4910 Independent Study  

Minor (optional)

  Varies according to minor chosen  

General Electives

  As needed to total 120 credits  
  Total 120


Major Course Requirements

Minor Course Requirements

Tuition & Fees

Information about SoPA tuition and fees may be found here.

Some courses have fees to support the technology needed for high-quality virtual and on-ground experiences.  These fees are always listed on the schedule of classes.

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