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Make the most of your academic career at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement by meeting with our advising team regularly. Our advisors are available to meet both in person or virtually at times that fit your schedule.

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Business & Leadership Studies

Alexis Stone
Alexis Stone  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BA in Human Resources
  • BS in Organizational Behavior & Management Studies
  • Professional Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals
  • Professional Certificate in Applied Business
  • Professional Certificate in Human Resource Fundamentals
  • Professional Certificate in Small Business Development

View the Business & Leadership Studies program page.

Media + Design

Alexis Stone
Alexis Stone  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BA in Digital Media & Marketing Communications
  • BA in Graphic Design
  • BA in Interactive UX/UI Design
  • BA in Public Relations
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Media & Marketing Communications
  • Professional Certificate in Public Relations
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Graphic Design
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Interactive Design

View the Media + Design program page.

Emergency & Security Studies

Emily Bevolo
Emily Bevolo  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BA in Homeland Security Studies
  • MPS in Emergency Management
  • MPS in Homeland Security Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Emergency Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Advanced Security Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Intelligence Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Open Source Intelligence
  • Graduate Certificate in Security Management

View the Emergency & Security Studies program page.

General Legal Studies

Prisca Washington
Prisca Washington  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BA in General Legal Studies
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies

View the General Legal Studies program page.

Humanities & Social Sciences

Prisca Washington
Prisca Washington  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BA in Humanities
  • BA in Social Sciences
  • Master of Liberal Arts

View the Humanities & Social Sciences program page.

Information Technology

Dan Rahey
Daniel Rahey  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BS in Information Technology
  • MS in Cybersecurity Management
  • MS in Information Technology Management
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Defense
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Cyber Technology Fundamentals
  • Graduate Certificate in Data Science & Cloud
  • Graduate Certificate in IT Strategic Planning
  • Graduate Certificate in Technology Architecture

View the Information Technology program page.


Dan Rahey
Daniel Rahey  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • BS in Exercise Science
  • BA in Health and Wellness
  • MS in Sport Studies
  • Graduate Certificate in Sport Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Sport Coaching
  • Graduate Certificate in Sports Medicine
  • Graduate Certificate in Sport Security

View the Kinesiology program page.

PreK-12 Education

Jennifer Bourgeois
Jennifer Bourgeois  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • Master of Education (MEd)
  • Graduate Certificate in Equity-Centered Education Leadership
  • Graduate Certificate in Learning Experience Design
  • Graduate Certificate in Special Education
  • Graduate Certificate in Teaching English Learners

Claudine Davis
Claudine Davis  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)
  • Early Childhood Education Coordinate Major
  • Secondary Education (Grades 6-12) Coordinate Major

View the PreK-12 Education program page.

Public Administration

Emily Bevolo
Emily Bevolo  (Bio)

Advisor for:

  • Master of Public Administration
  • Graduate Certificate in Economic Development
  • Graduate Certificate in Environmental Management & Resilience
  • Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit and Strategic Philanthropy Management

View the Public Administration program page.

Undecided Students

Need a little extra time to see which degree or certificate fits best? Schedule a conversation with an advisor who can walk you through your options.

Non-degree Seeking Students

Not ready to commit to a full degree, but want to build upon your professional expertise? We’ve got you covered. If you are a non-degree student, meet with an advisor to discuss your options.

Meet the Director

“SoPA academic advisors serve as a layer of support to help students navigate the requirements and challenges on the path to reaching their personal goals on this academic journey. Our advisors work in collaboration with students to help them maximize their individual potential by providing information, sharing valuable academic tools, and recommending available resources that empower students to make informed decisions about creating an academic plan that works best for them. At SoPA, we never want you to feel that you must do this by yourself. We want you to succeed. We are here to help whether you need assistance with class scheduling, declaring a major or minor, keeping track of your academic progress or need guidance on how to juggle school and life…. We’ve got your back.”

—Micahla Williams
Director of Academic Advising

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