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Course Descriptions - Business & Leadership Studies

Business & Leadership Studies

BSLS 1000 Economics for Non-Majors
Lectures and reading assignments introduce  the basic concepts and analytical techniques used in  microeconomics and macroeconomics, addressing consumer choice; profit maximization; product, labor, capital, and financial markets; and other key economic concepts.  
Notes: Only School of Professional Advancement students may receive credit for this course.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 1110  Accounting I
In this participative asynchronous online course, students will master the concepts, techniques, and conventions for measuring and communicating the results of operations and the financial position of a business enterprise, based upon generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and using Microsoft Excel as a tool. The course emphasizes the development of the financial information that is used internally and reported to the public.  Students learn to prepare the adjusting and closing entries and worksheet presentations necessary for monthly financial statements and to understand the principles and theories supporting  the proper accounting treatment of cash, accounts receivable, inventories, sales and payroll taxation, and other concepts.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 1120 Accounting II
Building upon the financial accounting knowledge acquired in Accounting I, and through hands-on instruction in the use of accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, students in this participative asynchronous online course will develop enhanced financial accounting skills and analyze the concepts of managerial and cost accounting and the role of accounting information in management decision-making for businesses.
Pre-requisite: BSLS 1110 or equivalent.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2210 Accounting Information Systems  
Through further instruction in the use of accounting software systems, including QuickBooks and others, with software certification as a goal, students in this participative asynchronous online course will evaluate the development, use, interaction, and maintenance of the information systems currently used in the accounting profession and hone the skills necessary to use software effectively to support the accounting process.  
Pre- or co-requisite: BSLS 1110  or equivalent.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2220 Intro to Finance
Through the practical exercises and online discussions in this participative asynchronous online course, students will distinguish the fundamental concepts and tools of finance and financial management concepts to the decisions faced by managers in investment decisions; evaluate the corporate governance structure of firms; and examine the interactions, from a governance perspective, between firm management, financial markets, and stakeholders.    business opportunities and issues, , with  emphasis upon determining  analytical techniques and methods for structuring a  balance sheet.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2230 Intro to Investing
Through practical examples and exercises, students master the principles and practices of security analysis and investment, the methods commonly employed in the analysis of financial statements, and  the selection of  investment securities to meet specific  needs.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2240 Personal Financial Planning
Through lectures and practical exercises, students develop skills in  analyzing and evaluating the facts and data necessary to make sound financial decisions.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2250 Business Communications
In this participative asynchronous online course, students master effective oral and written business communications, including the use of proper grammar and syntax, evaluation of audience and purpose, identification of appropriate channels, and implementation of effective listening techniques.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2310 Principles of Management
In this participative asynchronous online course, students delineate the primary types of managers and their respective roles; identify the functions of and reasons for various management techniques; and assess the advantages that result from managing people well.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2450 Career Development Strategies
In this highly participative asynchronous online course, which incorporates elements of Taylor Your Life, students will identify and explore viable long-term career and lifestyle options and develop long-term strategies for attaining their goals through self-assessment, investigation, and creation and implementation of a job search campaign, while addressing the related topics of change and transition and work/life balance.  
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2500 Principles and Practices of Real Estate
Through lectures and practical exercises, students identify the basic laws and practices governing property ownership and interests; evaluate the real estate and mortgage markets;  and develop the critical skills to review the contracts, surveys, assessments, leases, property insurance policies, and other documents typically required in the purchase, sale, and leasing of real property.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 2750 Introduction to Franchising
Students will examine the franchisee/franchisor relationship; evaluate and draft franchising agreements and related documents; analyze financing, site selection, marketing, financial management, trademarks, territorial rights; identify compliance issues, legal considerations; and explore other aspects of developing and operating franchise businesses.
credit hours: 3   

BSLS 2910 Special Topics
These courses introduce new specialty courses to the BSLS curriculum, based upon levels of business community activity, student interest, and new trends in business.
credit hours: 3  

BSLS 3210 Business Taxation
Using the U.S. Internal Revenue Code as a basis, this participative asynchronous online course examines the federal system of taxation and the laws governing tax matters, analyzing the tax treatment of corporations, partnerships, and other entities; evaluating payroll and sales taxation; and calculating the tax impacts of formation, ongoing operations, disposition of business entities, and other transactions upon shareholders, partners, and other stakeholders.
Pre-requisites: BSLS 2210 or equivalent.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3250 Business Statistics
Using examples and exercises drawn from the business world, this participative asynchronous online course introduces students to the concepts and techniques of statistical analysis . Meets quantitative reasoning/math proficiency requirements for School of Professional Advancement degrees only.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3310 Writing in the Workplace
In this asynchronous, participative online course, students formulate ways to organize and present ideas clearly and concisely, analyze the strategic use of specific business communication channels to convey key information, and master the art of communicating effectively and appropriately in a variety of business scenarios.
Pre-requisites: ENGL 1010.  SoPA Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) course.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3320 Compensation & Benefits
In this asynchronous and participative online Human Resources course, students will evaluate and apply the laws and concepts governing the compensation of and provision of benefits to employees.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3330 Intro to Human Resource Development
In this asynchronous online class, students will evaluate the importance of effective human resources management in organizations; identify the tools for forecasting and planning human resource needs; define and apply the terminology and tools used in managing employees effectively; and identify and evaluate the governmental regulations affecting employees and employers.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3340 Managing Organizational Behavior
This participative asynchronous online Human Resource course explores the ways in which organizations function, focusing upon the assembly and use of teams, globalization, diversity, interpersonal and group communications, and other aspects of organizational culture.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3350 Professional Interviewing
Through lectures and collaborative exercises in this Human Resource course, students master the art of interviewing job applicants, claimants, witnesses, and others  in the workplace, with emphasis  upon the employment interview process, from initial introduction through hiring and onboarding.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3360 Planning, Recruitment, and Selection of Human Resources
In this asynchronous and participative online course, students will demonstrate the ability to prepare a selection strategy for a specific job; identify  and differentiate among the tools for forecasting and planning human resource needs; draft appropriate job descriptions and application forms; and implement related staffing tools, including but not limited to developing parameters for internet recruiting.
Pre-requisites: HRDV 3330.  Program director approval required for waiver of prerequisite.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3370 Performance Appraisal and Productivity
In this asynchronous and participative online Human Resources course, students will analyze and apply the key concepts and elements of human resource development, including motivation, productivity, performance appraisal, compensation, career planning, diversity, ethics, and training.   
Pre-requisites: HRDV 3330. Program director approval required for waiver of prerequisite.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3380 Business Ethics
In this participative asynchronous online course, students will develop and demonstrate a clear understanding of the ethical concepts that govern business entities and transactions and the moral and ethical principles and social responsibilities that govern managerial decisions.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3390 Employment and Labor Law
Through the lectures and practical exercises presented in this participative asynchronous online Human Resources course, students will differentiate among the state and federal laws governing  labor and employment and describe their impact upon human resource policies and practices in the workplace.
Pre-requisites: HRDV 3330.  Director approval required for waiver of prerequisite.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3400 Legal Aspects of Business
Students will differentiate among the common forms of business associations, including partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations; interpret the rules governing formation, management and dissolution; identify legal issues; apply relevant statutes and case law; and engage in critical evaluation to predict outcomes and recommend appropriate action.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3450 Commercial Law
Through lectures and practical exercises designed to develop ethics and judgment, students will define the laws and moral/cultural concepts that govern the transaction of business in the U.S. and identify  the methods by which organizations may achieve and maintain compliance.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3500 Advanced Real Estate Principles
Through lectures and life-based examples and exercises, students will describe the real estate concepts principles underlying effective decisions in the marketing and purchasing of real estate, with a focus upon applying the factors of supply and demand, financing options, and investment opportunities and creating property development strategies.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3600 Entrepreneurship
In this participative asynchronous online course, students will critique the history of entrepreneurship, evaluating the personality traits that drive entrepreneurs; explore new venture opportunities from marketing, production, financing, and organizational perspectives; and evaluate the legal considerations inherent in opening a business and protecting unique ideas and other intellectual property.
Pre-requisites: BSLS 2210 and BSLS 2220 or Program Director approval.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3650 Developing a Small Business
Through lectures and practical exercises, students will identify and analyze opportunities, establish operating structures, develop marketing and financial plans, and apply data from financial reports to manage a small business or other entrepreneurial venture effectively.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 3700 Global Business
In this asynchronous and participative online course, students analyze the strategies, benefits, costs, ethical practices, and conduct of businessmen, government leaders, workers, and customers in the global marketplace; assess the economic, legal, and cultural impact of global business upon local and national communities; and examine current business and political events.  
credit hours: 3

BSLS 4100  Internship & Professional Development
Provides practical work experience in specific fields of study through a 100-hour internship in a professional office and a classroom component that includes instruction in portfolio development, interviewing,  networking, and other career development skills.
Pre-requisites:  Approval of program director required.
credit hours: 3

BSLS 4910  Independent Study
Independent Study of a specified area within the BSLS discipline.
Pre-requisites:  Approval of program director required.
credit hours: 1-3