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What Does a Wellness Director Do?

A person eating healthy food while typing on a laptop

Most wellness directors hold positions in the corporate or public sector. Regardless of the cohorts they work with, wellness directors often have similar duties. These professionals aim to help improve the physical and mental health of the people they serve. Here is a brief overview of some of the responsibilities of wellness directors.

Organize Health Assessments

Many companies offer free health screenings to their employees to help them stay informed about their well-being and negotiate lower premiums for their health insurance plans. A wellness director will often act as a liaison between the business, its employees, and a local healthcare facility. They will work with the staff to pick a day to have healthcare professionals visit the office and ensure that employees know when the assessment is happening. After the screenings, the wellness director will often provide information to help staff members maintain a healthy lifestyle and address any areas of concern.

Implement Wellness Programs

Wellness directors often spearhead the development and implementation of programs that help people manage their mental and physical health. The size and scope of these programs usually depend on the communities they serve and the available resources. Holding an event for free flu shots, increasing the number of bike lanes in a neighborhood, and organizing a step challenge are just a few examples of programs that can help improve a community's well-being.

Financial Evaluations

Often, the first step in planning a wellness program is creating a budget. The resources that are available to a wellness director will influence the type of health initiative they organize. Along with budgeting for the program, they will also decide how to promote the event. Evaluating the costs and budgeting for time are essential parts of the planning process that can determine a program's success.

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