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A Day in the Life of a Corporate Wellness Manager

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The professional demand for corporate wellness managers is growing significantly, as more reports are showing that corporate wellness programs are effective in reducing employee healthcare costs, increasing productivity, and attracting new employees to a workplace. As a promising frontier for health enthusiasts, the field of corporate wellness involves various responsibilities and job duties that prospective managers should be aware of. Tulane SoPA offers a Master's Degree, Bachelor's Degree, and Graduate Certificate in Health & Wellness that can help you start your career as a corporate wellness manager.

The Roles of a Corporate Wellness Manager

The primary duties of a corporate wellness manager vary depending on the size and budget of the business that employs you. However, typical roles include the following:

  • Monitoring corporate wellness program performance metrics
  • Conducting corporate wellness program audits
  • Conducting corporate wellness program workshops and training
  • Providing corporate wellness consultations
  • Identifying corporate wellness program opportunities
  • Assessing employee health risks
  • Managing corporate wellness vendors
  • Overseeing corporate fitness facility contracts

Monitoring Corporate Wellness Program Performance Metrics

This role entails collecting corporate wellness program performance metrics, analyzing them for patterns and trends, and making recommendations to corporate leadership that would best affect employees' health.

Conducting Corporate Wellness Program Audits

This duty involves conducting corporate wellness program audits, including self-audits and peer site visits. This process is critical in proper wellness program design and implementation.

Conducting Corporate Wellness Program Workshops and Training

Corporate wellness managers create wellness workshops and training programs for employees and administrators. This critical role helps corporate wellness managers increase employee engagement in their overall health.

Providing Corporate Wellness Consultations

The corporate wellness manager may provide individualized consultation on topics such as:

  • Program designs
  • Policies and procedures
  • Program administration
  • Corporate fitness facility management
  • Corporate employee benefits

Identifying Corporate Wellness Program Opportunities

Corporate wellness managers identify wellness program opportunities on corporate campuses and in workplace environments. Whether this entails scouting for company opportunities to revamp wellness policies or boost wellness education, the corporate wellness manager is responsible for increasing easily accessible health outlets for all employees.

Assessing Employee Health Risks

The corporate wellness manager executes this role by obtaining employees' vital signs such as heart rates, blood glucose levels, and blood pressure. They report this data to corporate leaders, corporate wellness program administrators, employees, and benefits providers.

Managing Corporate Wellness Vendors

The corporate wellness manager maintains wellness vendor relationships, which are critical to the success of a wellness program. This includes researching vendor opportunities, detailing corporate wellness program requirements to vendors, and creating fitness facility contracts.

Overseeing Corporate Fitness Facility Contracts

The corporate wellness manager oversees fitness facility contract relationships to meet wellness goals. This includes fitness facility audits, vendor negotiations, policy creations, corporate fitness, and facility equipment support and maintenance.

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