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Should You Work at a Full-service or a Specialized Marketing Agency

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The choice between working for a full-service or specialized marketing agency after earning a marketing degree is no easy decision. However, there is no shortage of potential marketing career choices after earning a certificate or degree from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement.

Things to Consider When Making A Decision

Someone can expect to work on ad campaigns for various clients and accounts across multiple industries with both full-service and specialized marketing agencies. Additionally, they'll probably need to handle client complaints or requests directly when working either at a full-service or a specialized agency. However, there are some differences between these two types of agencies that potential employees need to know when deciding which one is right for their career path and goals. The main difference between the two is who their clients are and what they specialize in. Despite some common misconceptions, marketing degrees and careers are excellent options.

Specialized Marketing Agencies

A specialized marketing agency typically works on accounts in one industry, such as accounting software, medical equipment, or children’s toys. Specialized marketing agencies are great for someone with a passion for a specific industry or niche. Many specialized marketing agencies focus their work on doing higher-quality strategic, branding, and creative projects. These agencies usually are more familiar with a specific niche product, allowing them to use all their resources to focus on more specific marketing initiatives. Unlike full-service marketing agencies, boutique agencies do not have offices all around the world. Additionally, they do not usually work with big brands like Nike or Ford. Instead, these agencies typically opt for building relationships with local businesses in their communities. This gives specialized marketing agencies the ability to focus more on customer service. Careers in this business model include specializing in specific skills such as SEO, online advertising, or analytics.

Full-Service Marketing Agencies

The benefit of working at a full-service marketing agency is that employees have a variety of creative projects and accounts to work on. They can also gain more diverse experience since they'll undoubtedly be working with different clients with particular needs for their campaigns. Working at a full-service agency allows employees to work on huge nationwide campaigns that could be seen by millions of people. For many, the draw to large full-service agencies is getting to work with global brands that impact economies and cultures across the globe. Careers in this business model are much broader than at a boutique agency, and many positions wear different hats throughout the day. Some positions include creative strategists, art directors, and media managers.

Making a Career Decision

When deciding between working for a full-service or specialized marketing agency, it really comes down to what type of company culture someone prefers and which one aligns with their career goals. If someone wants to develop their skills in various areas of marketing, a full-service agency is probably the right choice for them. However, if someone is interested in mastering one specific part of marketing, such as SEO or social media, then a specialized agency might be better suited for their career path.

A marketing degree or certificate from Tulane School of Professional Advancement can help you launch your career. Learn more about our programs and potential career opportunities in marketing.

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