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3 Rewarding Tech Jobs for Creatives

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The ability to narrow focus on small details and independently solve problems are skills that creatives use every day, and both are deemed valuable in technical jobs. Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers several degree and certificate programs that can help creatives transition to more tech-oriented roles, including in Digital Media and Marketing Communications, Digital Design, and Information Technology. Here's a closer look at three rewarding and creative tech jobs.

User Experience Designer

A website can only be an asset to a company or organization's growth if it is easy to navigate, visually attractive, and offers something valuable to users. User experience (UX) designers work behind the scenes to ensure that all of these criteria are met, frequently combining their knowledge of visual design with technical skills like computer coding and logic. By creating an enjoyable and actionable experience for users, UX designers can encourage them to linger on a website longer, subscribe to a newsletter, or even ultimately purchase a product or service.

Front-End Developer

After UX designers create static designs for websites, it's the job of front-end developers to turn them into seamlessly functional websites and applications. They achieve this by using programming and markup languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to add motions and responsive features to a UX designer's original aesthetic plan. Earning a degree in Digital Design can be a great first step for creatives wanting to break into front-end development careers.

Digital Marketer

Creative types who are more interested in strategic thinking and large-scale creative projects should consider careers in digital marketing. Rather than focusing on coding and designing, digital marketing jobs often involve audience research, developing creative campaigns, and owning content strategy, all of which still require a degree of technical knowledge and skill. Tulane SoPA offers bachelor's degrees and professional certificates in Digital Media and Marketing Communications to provide a thorough foundation for creatives interested in digital marketing.

Tulane School of Professional Advancement can help you to climb the ladder at your current job or embark on an entirely new career path. Many of our bachelor's, master's, and certificate programs are available online, making them perfect for working professionals with busy schedules. Request information to learn more about our program options today.

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