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Reasons to Recruit Multisport Athletes

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Although it's common for athletes to participate in multiple sports year-round during their early years in little league, players often transition to focusing on a single sport during high school and college, sometimes even earlier. There's a wide misconception that multisport athletes are less likely to perfect the skills required of each sport they participate in. However, every athlete's path is different, and there are many benefits to recruiting multisport athletes to play at every level.


Every sport has a set of specifically relevant skills that players must master: whether it's tackling, serving, or swinging a bat, perfecting these movements are critical to the game and a player or team's success. Multisport athletes are often well suited for transitioning to new team sports positions and more likely to adapt quicker than single-sport athletes. With dynamic, versatile players on the field, court, or pool, coaches can count on these key players to lead, adjust, and take direction with ease.

Fierce Competitors

Coaches often focus on players who will yield the most talent in the long run—and one of the biggest mistakes they make is overlooking unique talent. Multisport athletes are actually more of an asset than a liability, as they are constantly working and improving throughout the course of the year from one sport's season to the next. Sports fans highly revere many celebrated and talented professional athletes: Jim Thorpe, Deion Sanders, Bo Jackson, and Jackie Robinson are a few of many decorated pro athletes who enjoyed playing in various settings.


Multisport athletes are not only coachable, but they are also excellent candidates to pursue sports coaching careers. With their experience playing in different settings, with different people, and under different sets of rules, these players are suited for helping other players reach their potential and boost their confidence on and off the field. Instead of perfecting techniques specific to a single sport throughout their formative years and beyond, multisport athletes can better develop their athleticism, performance, and level of play by transitioning their bodies and minds to a new game.

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