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A Look at the Different Roles Public Relations Plays Across Industries

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Public relations (PR) involves maintaining a positive relationship between the public and a company, organization, or public figure. Though many students are interested in this career path, they often assume that their career opportunities will be limited. On the contrary, public relations professionals play a crucial role in many of today's most popular industries.


With more streaming platforms than ever before, music has never been more accessible. Long gone are the days of calling in a request on the radio to hear a favorite song or seeing headlines about famous musicians only in newspapers and monthly magazines. Now, artists have a constant digital presence on social media and online news sites. Though this has helped many artists form a stronger connection with their fans, it also provides an increased need for damage control. Music publicists make a living by helping musicians maintain their public image.


Modern medicine has been one of the primary beneficiaries of the continued advancements in technology. The way that patients and their doctors approach medical care, communicate with one another, and navigate treatment plans is consistently changing. Though many of these changes are positive, the amount of conflicting information on the internet about the safety of specific treatments and medications can cause confusion and a level of distrust between doctors and patients. Public relations specialists in the healthcare industry help mitigate these concerns by providing timely and thorough responses to the public to clarify information, dispel myths, and promote helpful new products and services.


Athletes these days are more than just sports professionals; they're often celebrities. Many have gone on to write books, land acting roles in movies and TV shows, and earn a variety of sponsorship deals. Athletes are often drafted out of college with little to no experience with dealing with public scrutiny, and their constant exposure to the paparazzi and fans can lead to trouble. Many professional athletes are members of a team, which they also have to represent positively. Sports PR specialists help athletes put their best foot forward and raise awareness about the positive causes they work with.

In the Applied Business Studies program at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, you can earn an undergraduate degree in public relations while still taking care of your responsibilities at work, at home, and in your personal life. To take the next step in your career, start your application today.

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