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Digital Design Degree Programs: Weighing Your Options

Taking the step that enables you to move on from "just getting started" to elevating your earning potential in the design field often involves investing in your craft. In the ever-changing field of digital design, many graphic designers in search of higher-paying jobs run into challenges keeping up with and achieving mastery of new technology trends, user experiences, and digital platforms. To continue to stand out in any job market, professional development is key—which is why it's important to stay on top of changes in the field. Tulane School of Professional Advancement is your partner in career growth as a digital designer. Whether you want to pursue designing innovative apps, branding packages, or online publications, we have career tracks and work-ready degree programs to help you succeed. Learn more about your options as you begin searching for the right digital design program for your career.

Discover Your Preferred Medium

By choosing a design specialty, you can develop a richer career trajectory and can more steadily work toward becoming an expert within that specialty. The major advantage to becoming a design specialist is that there's plenty to specialize in: print design, email marketing, packaging and merchandising, branding and logo design, and so much more. Whether you decide to forge a path as a web designer, illustrator, or marketing professional, once you discover what works for your professional goals and interests—which could very well be a unique combination of specialties—increasing your earnings will come naturally. As you look for a digital design program that offers diverse options, pay close attention to the specializations available and decide whether you're interested in delving deeper as a specialist or if you'd rather give yourself more options as a design generalist.

Go Further With UX/UI

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Design careers in user experience and user interface (UX/UI) open doors for aspiring design professionals across industries. These roles enable designers to leverage their diverse skillsets to achieve a singular goal that all businesses have: creating a better experience for their customers through design methods, which will eventually convert these users into returning customers. Shifting focus to the user instead of solely the design helps architect an experience that better enables users to enjoy a product and want to become brand loyalists.

Flexibility for Working Adults

Attending classes in person can be difficult for many adult learners, even without COVID considerations. Digital design degree programs and careers are especially convenient because they often encompass work that can be completed remotely and independently, making online options more accessible and a better fit for parents and individuals with busier schedules. When comparing programs, look for institutions that offer meaningful remote learning experiences for students without isolating them from their peers and instructions.

Digital Design Programs at Tulane SoPA

Tulane School of Professional Advancement helps working adults find lucrative career paths in design without limiting them to bachelor's degree completion. We offer a wide range of programs that help non-traditional students position themselves to succeed in professional settings, whether they are growing a skillset or pursuing a completely new career venture. Request more information about our digital design program today to learn more about career outcomes and our resources for adult learners.

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