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4 Unexpected Career Opportunities in Graphic Design

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Graphic designers often wear many hats, and their diverse skill sets are valuable to employers in virtually every industry. Whether in technology, marketing, or government, graphic designers use their creativity and an eye for visual forms to solve complex problems and engage more directly with consumers and end-users. Develop a strong portfolio and career-ready skills with a digital design degree or certificate from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. Here's a look at four non-traditional career paths you can pursue post-graduation as a graphic designer.

UX Designer

In order to attract customers, sell products and services, and communicate important information, businesses need websites that are both visually appealing and easy to navigate. User experience (UX) designers work alongside web designers to create the attractive and engaging interfaces that users see when they access a website. Graphic designers who have a background or interest in technology and digital design may be especially suited to careers in UX design.

Mobile App Designer

People use apps every day to help them with a variety of tasks, including communicating, banking, shopping, monitoring their health, managing businesses, gaming, and staying up-to-date on news. Because apps are used so frequently, they must be even more user-friendly, agile, and visually appealing than regular websites. Like UX designers, mobile app designers work behind the scenes of an app to ensure that users have an engaging and seamless digital experience.

Email Marketing Manager

Engaging email communications allow businesses to interact with current and potential customers, and they play an important role in a company's success. To be effective, email campaigns must have valuable written content, but they also need to be visually captivating to stand out in the string of emails flooding consumers' inboxes. Graphic designers working exclusively in email marketing use visual design, logos, colors, and images to ensure that a business's brand identity is conveyed consistently throughout all of its email communications.

Contract Designer

Whether in a local school district or in a federal agency or department, there are many graphic design career opportunities within the government. Government graphic design jobs are often contract-based, so designers interested in this career path should be prepared to work on a project-by-project basis. In these jobs, graphic designers are often tasked with creating letterheads, designing websites, and crafting official images and signage.

A degree or certificate in digital design from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement is a strong first step toward your new creative career. You'll build your degree around your passions and professional interests by choosing a track in either Graphic Design, Game Art & Animation, or Interactive Design. Our flexible courses are catered to working professionals like you to help you advance in your career or change careers entirely. Request more information to start your Tulane SoPA journey today.

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