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3 Career Paths for Students Earning Their Bachelor of Arts in General Legal Studies

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If working at a law firm doesn't seem appealing, earning a degree in general legal studies or a Juris Doctor (JD) can help you stand out as an attractive candidate for roles in other professional settings. At Tulane School of Professional Advancement, our legal studies program can help you explore several related career paths as you continue your journey as a legal student.

Broadcast Journalism

Legal studies programs include courses that refine your skills as a critical thinker, researcher, writer, and communicator. The time you spend earning a legal studies degree can prepare you for a successful career as a reporter or panelist. Many famous journalists and TV personalities have law degrees, including Geraldo Rivera, Cynthia McFadden, Jerry Springer, and Rebel Wilson. Like lawyers, journalists and TV panelists have to quickly synthesize large amounts of information into a brief, memorable message that an audience can easily understand.


It's not uncommon for politicians at various levels to have a degree that's related to legal studies. Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama all had law degrees. As the people who draft the country's laws, it's not surprising that numerous politicians decided to obtain a law degree to inform their legislative decisions. If you earn a legal studies degree, you can also choose to work as a political consultant or a public policy analyst at a think tank.

Notary Signing Agent

Find your calling working alongside realtors when you put your legal skills to work as a notary signing agent. Even if you're adamant about not working in a law firm, you can still be involved in law and government after receiving your JD. As a notary signing agent, you can help mediate private property transactions and ensure that the proceedings are free from fraud, which gives you the flexibility to choose from several career paths.

Earning a legal degree doesn't mean you have to work at a law firm. Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers a Bachelor of Arts in General Legal Studies that has been approved by the American Bar Association. You can use this degree to pursue a career in a related field or apply to law school. Each course in our general legal studies program is taught by practicing attorneys and paralegals with experience across a diverse field of practice areas. Request more information about our program today to learn more about our flexible courses, application deadlines, and other resources.

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