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A laptop displaying graphic design elements
The graphic design portfolio is the first impression potential clients and employers receive. Be sure to include these four sections to inform and impress.
Connect with Admissions Counselor Alvin Joseph
Admissions counselors serve as a resource for prospective students. Learn the benefits of meeting with a counselor during your admissions process.
A person writing on a sticky note in their planner
Our tips for managing the college transfer process can help you transfer the maximum allowable number of credits. Learn more about this process.
A college student taking notes from their laptop
Professional networking is important for starting your career after school. Here are three tips for building your network while in an online degree program.
A student studying at the cafeteria
Noise, lighting, temperature, and other factors can all affect your productivity. Here are four ways to improve your studying environment.
A person carrying a briefcase
Prospective graduate students may wonder which skills employers are looking for. Here are some ways that earning a graduate degree can help them stand out.
A business person using a smartphone
Professional references are essential contacts for many potential employers. Learn more about gathering a robust reference list for your next job search.
Two business people shaking hands over a desk
Organizational leadership skills are critical to the success of all organizations. How do you improve these skills within your company?
A person on a laptop using a VPN
Protect your business from cybersecurity concerns when working from home during COVID-19. Review tips from the Emergency and Cybersecurity Department.
A notebook in front of a laptop on a desk
When applying for a new job, it’s important to draft an eye-catching cover letter. Learn more about making a good first impression on a potential employer.