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A student listening to headphones while taking notes off a laptop
Online class discussions give students a chance to share ideas, think critically, and challenge one another. Learn how to make discussions more engaging.
A woman smiling at her home desk
Health and wellness professionals help clients embrace healthier lifestyles. Here are more options to explore with a health and wellness master’s degree.
A student learning online from home
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many universities have moved courses online for the foreseeable future. Here are three tips for adjusting to online learning.
Emergency workers
As COVID-19 continues to impact the city of New Orleans, Michael Antoine uses the skills he developed during his time at Tulane SoPA to fight back.
A man walking down a street in a business suit
A Master of Public Administration can help you find a rewarding career in the public or private sector. Consider the exciting possibilities of this degree.
A group of people working out together
Health and wellness are increasingly important to businesses due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Review the benefits of corporate wellness programs here.
Woman sitting at computer
Many adults assume they can't go back to school because of costs and a lack of time. See how two students used SoPA's resources to earn their degrees.
A teacher writing on a whiteboard
Students with diverse learning abilities are present in classrooms across the country, and you can help support them with a special education certification.
An at-home workspace with a laptop during a video call
Take your study group into digital space with these tips for video conferencing.
A woman in army cammies sitting in front of a door
Hire a Veteran Day is coming up. Read our blog to learn what makes a veteran an excellent job candidate and how they can fit right in at your workplace.