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People in an art museum
A museum curator is the overseer of a museum's collection. Their responsibilities can include obtaining new items, keeping them safe, and planning events.
A woman wearing a mask and gloves on a bus
Public policies have far-reaching effects on the health outcomes of communities. See how elected officials can support their constituents' quality of life.
A person using a laptop in the dark
Typical search engine results only show a fraction of all the content available online. Here's how the dark web works and what users may discover there.
People sitting in an interview
Aligning your resume to align with a job description can help your skills and qualifications stand out to recruiters. Learn how to make these changes.
Digital marketers in a meeting
A degree or certificate in digital marketing can give you the design, advertising, public relations, and media skills you need for a fulfilling career.
A calculator next to a laptop
Multiple entry-level jobs that don't require an accounting degree can help you get your foot in the door and prepare you to become an accountant.
A student at the FBI adademy
Careers in the FBI are some of the most sought-after law enforcement jobs in the United States. Here's a look at the process of becoming an FBI agent.
A teacher giving students a high five
Define your path as an educator by learning more about the value of adding teaching endorsements to your current certifications.
The LinkedIn logo on a window
Using LinkedIn effectively can have a huge impact on your success during a job search. Learn more about how to leverage this networking platform.
A woman's professional work photo
On a typical workday, paralegals may assist lawyers by preparing documents, meeting with clients, conducting research, or organizing information for trials.