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Student Spotlight – Jermaine Smith, BA Public Relations ‘20
We asked one of our current students to give his two cents on SoPA, going back to school as a professional, and balancing school and life.
A student on a computer in a classroom
A humanities degree can be versatile, so it helps to tailor it to your professional advancement goals. Here's how to make your degree work for you.
A group of graduates standing together
Choose the right educational path by understanding the difference between a degree and a professional certificate. Optimize your investment in your future.
A chalkboard next to a laptop that says 'You've Got This'
Online learning and on-campus education require a different set of skills. Here's how to stay motivated when receiving online credits.
Students looking at a laptop together
Taking both online and on-campus classes can make your schedule more flexible, but it also comes with challenges. Here are tips for finding a balance.
A group of people on their laptops
Having the convenience and flexibility of online courses doesn't mean sacrificing social connections. Here's how to balance the two with ease.
A girl using a digital drawing tablet
Video games have grown up and are now one of the hottest industries, attracting top creative talent. Learn more about a career as a video game designer.
Woman Writing a resume
Presenting a strong resume is often the first step to landing your dream job. Keep these resume tips in mind to make sure yours stands out to employers.
A student taking notes
Final exams are intimidating for students at any age, but these study tips can help you avoid burnout and feel prepared to show off your subject knowledge.
Students having a good time
Going back to school is an investment in yourself that pays off. The average earning potential and career opportunities greatly increase with a degree.