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A woman talking on her phone in an office
While public relations and marketing roles are similar, each degree program focuses on specific purposes and processes within a business.
A young woman at a cafe uses social media on her phone and laptop, opening herself up to social media privacy issues.
How do social media privacy issues put users at risk? Explore how Tulane University’s master’s in cybersecurity management launches careers in IT security.
Data breaches seem to occur daily. Find out what cybersecurity policy is doing to prevent these breaches and how you can join the field.
Two men working on desktop computers
Many students have trouble deciding if a minor will significantly benefit their career. Here are four reasons why you should consider declaring a minor.
IT leader reviews computer work with team.
IT leaders drive an organization’s growth and success. Explore the benefits of earning a Master of Professional Studies in IT Management from Tulane University.
Martin Heyder, Adjunct Lecturer at Tulane University School of Professional Advancement
Martin Heyder is watching the demand for data security professionals surge firsthand. Learn how he melds his experience with lessons on what data security is in his classroom.
Two woman talking in a professional setting
Healthcare risk managers work to protect the safety of patients, practitioners, and their facilities. Here's how their role impacts the healthcare industry.
Do you work in cybersecurity, or would you like to in the future? Why stop at the ground level? By earning a graduate degree in cybersecurity, you can become a cybersecurity manager.
A man in a hoodie and headphones representing online gamer scams highlighted by Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA
Scammers are finding new ways to compromise young gamer’s data. Learn how you can prevent this today!
Two women staring at a computer representing students at risk of identity theft highlighted by the Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA
Student loan identity theft is expensive, damaging, and becoming more common. Learn how to protect yourself and what to do if you suspect identity theft.