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2020 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients

Samantha Barnes (DDSN)

"Sam is an incredibly knowledgeable designer with lots of real-world experience. She is constantly catering exercises and assignments to help us get a job and diversify our portfolios. She is very forthcoming with her first-hand experiences and has always been an available mentor to me.”

DDSN 3602 Interactive Design Studio II

Shannon Blady (TPCP)

"… [Dr. Blady] is responsive. She knows her students by name. She is relatable and always makes herself available to talk. She has a great sense of humor. She is not a push over, nor is she mean. She has the perfect balance. She is not so strict that you fear her, but she is not so lenient that you try to take advantage of her. She is just all around a great professor!”

EDUC 2010 Teaching Early Childhood Writing

Michael Kuczynski (HUMA)

“Professor Kuczynski makes a genuine effort to teach subjects in a modern way that his students can relate to. His expertise in medieval literature is fascinating and he really enjoys sharing his knowledge. The sharing of personal stories always proves to be a humorous addition to the courses. He is always willing to assist students with finding ways to improve their writing or options to help improve their grades overall in the course. Absolutely love him!”

MLAR 7123 Robin Hood

Tomas Mulleady (KINE)

“…I would honestly take any and every class Professor Mulleady would teach and strongly encourage anyone who is planning to go into healthcare, in any capacity, take his classes. They will teach you to think outside of the box and help you to appreciate the global society that we live in.”

KINE 3500 Cultural Differences in Healing

James Nader (GLSP)

“Professor Nader is exceptional because he brings a real world take on the subject of law that gives his students the opportunity to get an idea for what the job of a paralegal is like in practice. He kept class fun and inspirational while still imparting the wealth of information that we needed to learn. I was surprised that I found accident/injury law to be fun and interesting in his class…We were all sad when the semester came to an end and our course with Professor Nader was complete. I learned more in his class than in the other three courses I took. He's a great teacher!”

GLSP 3050 Litigation I

Rebecca Rouse, MPS in Homeland Security Studies Faculty member at Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA

Rebecca Rouse (EMSS—Online)

“[Dr. Rouse] was extremely knowledgeable and involved in our learning. She went out of her way to accommodate students’ needs and push students to think outside the box. She used real world events to tie the course together. She is a wealth of knowledge and went above and beyond for this course. [She] offered many tools to interact with her students, which is critical in online learning.”

HMLS 6600 Approaches to Counter-Terrorism

Justin Schaffer (BSLS—Online)

"I have had Mr. Schaffer just about every Human Resource course. Each time I take a class he challenges me to read and comprehend the material. When I started taking his class, I thought it was going to be easy because of my 10 years of experience in Human Resources. His class made realize that there is much to be learned and what I thought I knew was just the tip of the iceberg. Because of his rigorous course material and 10-12 page essays, I feel I am better prepared and able to take the next step in my career as an human resources professional."

HRDV 3650 Planning, Recruitment, and Selection of Human Resources

Darren White, program faculty of professional advancement program Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA

Darren White (TECH—Online)

“[Professor White] was always there as we needed and as we had questions. He is a constant learner himself…he set us up to be forward thinkers, as information security will be both art and science and has to evolve as quickly as the cyber criminals evolve their techniques…Since cyber crimes are ever changing and challenging, I feel he not only provided the material to meet [course] outcomes but set us up for success to keep looking forward.”

CPST 3900 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity

Suzanne Yuspeh (SSE)

“[Dr. Yuspeh] is very nice and sympathetic to students… You will come away from her class with a thorough understanding of the concepts of psychology. I learned a wealth of information in [her] class.” “…She was considerate and efficient in her teaching process. She was very helpful in the transition back to school after a long time without studying.”

PSYC 1000 Introductory Psychology