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2021 Distinguished Faculty Award Recipients

Flint Brent

Flint Brent (BSLS)

"Dr. Flint is infinitely patient and adaptable. He has offered up his time and experience on numerous occasions (weekly in fact) in order to counter and mitigate the stress of taking a class during the pandemic. He has never once been terse nor impatient during this very trying time, even though he must have his own personal stresses with which to contend. It has been very difficult for all of us and he has certainly gone above and beyond to keep us on track to complete the course."

Froswa’ Booker-Drew (MPA)

"Professor Booker-Drew is one of the most engaged faculty members I have had the pleasure of learning from. She is knowledgeable in the practice of public administration, and brings her on-the-ground experience to the course. Her course materials were relevant, interesting, and thought-provoking. I think she put in a great deal of thought and planning into the course, and overall told a great story - really tied everything together well. She pushed students to go beyond and think creatively. Dr. Booker-Drew showed a vested interest in our learning and in our career goals and plans. She offered her assistance, contacts, and guidance on next steps. She's also very personable. I think she's an asset to this new SOPA program, and hope she continues to be a part of it."

John Carr

John Carr (DDSN)

"John Carr was really wonderful to work with. He is very knowledgeable and would often apply his real world experiences to our Zoom meetings. He provided thoughtful and actionable feedback on our writing and was also very calm and reasonable when we would ask him to accommodate any requested changes to the module or work,etc."

Sarah Hugg Centorino, an adjunct faculty member of continuing studies program Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA

Sarah Centorino (PR)

"Sarah did an excellent job leading and instructing this online class. This is one of the best online instructors I've ever had and I thoroughly enjoyed her lessons."

Leonte Cordova

Leonte Cordova (ESS)

"Professor Cordova is a leader and mentor in and out of the classroom. During the course of my time in his course, Professor Cordova strived to push the limits of his students, always wanting more. Prior to a course presentation, he explained the handling of the information that was being presented in a real-life scenario and told us to be ready. Our group ensured that we prepared ourselves for outside questions that were not on a normal instance. Professor Cordova has made himself available outside of the classroom byways of text, phone, and email for advice and guidance on other course projects. He has given advice on real-world expectations and jobs within the industry."

Dave Davis

Dave Davis (HUM/SOSC)

“Prof. Davis’s course is engaging and filled with detailed historical accounts which brings the subject matter to life. His activities and lectures through the online medium is as effective as his in-person classroom lesson plans. He always answers my peers questions concisely and if it is beyond his knowledge he will find out a factual answer and respond accordingly."

Marie Erickson (GLSP)

"Professor Erickson was absolutely amazing. She really went above and beyond trying to make this class work for us online. She allowed us to call her with any questions,and answered extremely promptly. She even got a new computer when her old one wasn’t working too well with Zoom!! She was fantastic and such a kind woman."

Jason Lorino (TECH)

“Mr. Lorino knows the material and can give real world examples of each topic. He also can simplify the material so that the students can understand what each topic does and how to do it. I feel confident in using the skills I have learned in this class in a real world job."

Richard Mihans (TPCP)

"Dr. Mihans has gone above and beyond for his students. He respects us as adults who have many other responsibilities and families. He consistently takes time to meet with each one of us outside of class (remotely) to address any concerns we have. He is also a valuable professional sounding board. I can always come to him with a specific situation with a student and he seems to have the best solution! He has inspired me constantly in my teaching. Many of his lessons and techniques resonate in my head when I am with my own students. While acting as interim director of TPCP, his dedication to his own students and THEIR students has never waivered."

Jaime Tanner

Jamie Tanner (KINE)

"Ms. T was one of the best professors I've had since I've been at Tulane. She was knowledgeable of the subject, caring for her students, and made learning a lot of fun. I Wish it could have been longer than 6 weeks."