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Three Major Benefits of a Career in IT

IT professionals

In the past, information technology (IT) only appealed to a niche segment of the population whose interests in computers and technology were ahead of their time. However, IT is truly for everyone in today's digital world, and there are several reasons for prospective students to consider an undergraduate or graduate degree in this field.

Job Security

As technology continues to advance, new IT positions are constantly being created. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Americans can expect to see a steady 13% increase in computer and information technology jobs between 2016 and 2026. As important contributors to efficient business processes in every industry, IT professionals have more flexibility to choose roles and companies that fit their interests.

Dynamic Projects and Roles

The roles of IT specialists will continue to evolve along with computer technology and security. Additionally, IT professionals are often encouraged to use creative and innovative approaches to completing tasks, and many take advantage of these opportunities to collaborate with their colleagues and display their leadership potential.

Substantial Paychecks

While it's true that no one should choose a career based on the salary, those who are considering IT should know that most positions are well compensated. The BLS notes that even entry-level professionals often bring home about $45,000 per year, and the top 10% earned over $130,000 annually. With an average of just under $80,000 per year, according to the BLS, a successful career in IT should lead to a comfortable lifestyle.

If you're thinking about a career in IT, consider one of the programs at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. We help working adults achieve their academic and career goals through personalized advising, hands-on learning, and flexible course options that are designed to accommodate your busy life. Learn more about our IT degree programs today.

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